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Michael Walling, Special to Senior Times
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                   GETTING AFFAIRS IN ORDER QUESTION: I need to get my affairs
It can be your kids, your spouse, the church, a children’s hospital, whoever you want. You choose what each will get. You can also use a trust. The trust works like a will but it avoids Probate. Finally, you can use beneficiary desig- nations. These days almost everything allows you to name a beneficiary. Your IRA, 401(k), investment accounts, bank accounts, even your real estate (using a lady bird deed).
in order. What do I need to do?
ANSWER: I am getting this question a lot lately with the coronavirus out there. When someone tells me they need to “get their affairs in order,” I think of two things: First, who will pay their bills and make medical decisions for them if they become incapacitated (stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.)? Second, whom do they want to get their assets when they die?
I would advise you to see an expe- rienced estate planning attorney to discuss which plan is best for you. Stay away from internet forms. You pay an
What if
you become
There are two
very important
legal docu-
ments to have
in case this
happens. The
first is a dura-
ble power of
attorney. This
allows someone to handle your finan- cial and legal affairs. This document carries a lot of power so choose the person who will act for you wisely. The second is a durable power of attorney for health care. This allows someone
to make medical treatment decisions for you. This includes end-of-life deci- sions. Choose a strong person who will actually do what you want.
attorney for the knowledge of law he or she has; you can’t get that from a form.
B. Walling is an Elder Law attorney with an advance Master of
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  Lastly, how do you get your assets to the people you want them to go to? There are several ways to do that. You can have a will prepared for you. In your will you can name who gets what.
Laws degree. He manages the Elder Law Center and the law firm of Michael B. Walling, PLC. Mr. Walling is also a part-time Professor at Western Michigan University. Please send any questions you would like addressed to: The Elder Law Center, 4625 Beckley Road, Building 400, Suite 4003, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015. You may also call (269) 968-1101 to set up a free initial consultation. This column is intended for general information pur- poses only and should not be consid- ered as legal advice to any particular person.
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