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 In order to ensure that Veterans are receiving the best medical care pos- sible while being treated with respect and compassion, the Veterans Health Administration, which the BCVAMC is a part of, has enumerated rights and responsibilities for Veterans who are receiving care from the VA. These rights and responsibilities are divided into four categories: Nondiscrimination and Respect, Health Information
All the rights and responsibilities are posted throughout the BCVAMC and can be found online at HEALTH/rights/index.asp. It’s important if you’re a Veteran who receives care at the VA to know these rights and responsibilities. It’s also important for families to know
not only their rights, but also the rights of the Veteran who is receiving treatment.
If you would like more information about the Battle Creek VA Medical Center, would like to enroll in health- care benefits, or have any other ques- tions regarding benefits for Veterans, please don’t hesitate to contact Calhoun County Veterans Affairs. We can be reached at (269) 969-6734 or at
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and Privacy, Partnering in Care, and Concerns or Complaints. There are also additional rights and responsibilities for Veterans who are residing in one of the VA’s Community Living Centers (CLC).
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Further outlined are the rights and responsibilities for the families of Veterans who are receiving care or are in a CLC. The rights and responsibilities
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Aaron D. Edlefson, Special to Senior Times
The Battle Creek Veterans Affairs Medical Center (BCVAMC) is home to numerous programs and services, both medical and social, that are designed to assist those who have served our nation in its armed forces. It is located on 206 acres just off Dickman Road at 5500 Armstrong Road, Battle Creek, MI, 49037. Originally known as Veterans Hospital Number 100, as it was the 100th VA hospital built in the United States, it was completed in 1924. In 2019, the BCVAMC served 44,388 Veterans from twenty-two counties. Out of Calhoun’s 10,020 Veterans, 3,500 (34.9%) received some form of medical treatment at the BCVAMC. That’s one of the highest county-usage percentages in the state!
of families include the four categories extended to the Veteran, but also include Family Members’ Role in Treatment Decisions and Visiting the Veteran.
675 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek, MI (269) 969-6244
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The rights and responsibilities out- lined are extensive and while I am unable to list them all here, I would
like to at least point out the first right listed under the Nondiscrimination
and Respect section. That first right is, “You will be treated with dignity, com- passion, and respect as an individual. Consistent with Federal law, VA policy, and accreditation standards of the Joint Commission, you will not be subject to discrimination for any reason, includ- ing for reasons of age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identi- ty or expression.”
Providing services for veterans and their families.
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(269) 969-6735 • 190 East Michigan Avenue, Third Floor, Battle Creek, Michigan

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