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Page 10 Senior Times - August 2020
By: Glin Winsor, Practice Manager, DayOne Family Healthcare P.C.
Wish 1 – The person I want to make care
Dignity’s founder and CEO Jim Towey’s thoughts on the coronavirus were featured in the Washington Post this past March.
decisions for me when I can’t. Wish 2 – The kind of medical treatment I
Aging with Dignity was founded in 1996 as a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to safeguard and affirm the human dignity of every person who faces the chal- lenges and opportunities of aging or serious illness. Based on their founder’s experienc- es working in Mother Teresa’s homes for the dying, they wanted to ensure that every person facing the end of life is given the opportunity to talk about what matters most, and to ensure their wishes are known. With the help of the American Bar Association and end-of-life experts, and with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in 1998 they developed the Five Wishes advance directive document. The document was designed to be accessible, legal, and easy-to-understand with the goal of helping people discuss and document their wishes in a non-threatening, life-affirming way.
want or don’t want.
Wish 3 – How comfortable I want to be.
Wish 4 – How I want people to treat me.
Wish 5 – What I want my loved one’s to know.
 It's more than just a document. Five Wishes is a complete approach to discuss- ing and documenting your care and comfort choices. It's about connecting families, communicating with healthcare providers, and showing your community what it means to care for one another.
using this time, as families are gathered together and staying home, to talk about what matters most to them. Rather than being resigned to feeling helpless about the coronavirus and the danger a loved one may face; they are taking action to be prepared. And they’re telling us it’s a very positive experience. They’re having great talks with the people who are closest to them about the things that matter most.”
The coronavirus has brought a new urgen- cy to those mulling advance care planning. The non-profit Aging with Dignity, which provides the most widely used advance directive in the country, reports a tenfold increase in requests for Five Wishes from individuals since the outbreak took hold.
Five Wishes communicates what a person would want in case of a health crisis. It gives a person a voice in how they are cared for and what medical treatment they receive if they become seriously ill and are no longer able to speak for themselves. It is used to name a healthcare agent, or the person trust- ed to make healthcare decisions, and to give detailed instructions on life support treat- ment. Those who use Five Wishes say it is easy to use and understand, and they appre- ciate its emphasis on topics like comfort, dignity, family relationships, and spirituality.
The Five Wishes document allows peo- ple to outline what medical treatment they would want if they are no longer able to convey their wishes in a health crisis.
At DayOne our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate health care through a coordinated team effort to individual patients and their families. We will be especially attentive to not just the physical but also
  Five Wishes has provided more than 37 million documents and resources over the past 20 years. Available in 29 languages, the tools are used by individuals and families, as well as healthcare providers, employers, places of worship, business, and other communities.
to the spiritual and psychological health of our patients and their families. Your health records and advanced directive decisions are just as important to your continued long-term quality of care, including end-of- life care. We have used Five Wishes as part of our care plan for our patients for many years. If you would like a free copy please ask for one during your next appointment.
“We’re hearing from families that they want to be prepared,” said Aging with Dignity President Paul Malley. “Many are
Five Wishes is the national advance care planning program of the non-profit organization Aging with Dignity. Aging with
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