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QUESTION: What are the options that grandparents have if they see that their grandchildren need to have some help with living a normal life? If you have health concerns, guidance con- cerns, housing concerns, etc.
ANSWER: First of all, I am not a family law attorney. If you are looking for a way to help your minor grandchil- dren during your lifetime, then I would advise you to contact a family law attorney to see if you have any rights. However, I can give you some help from an estate planning perspective.
If you have grandchildren that you want to help after you pass away, then one great way to do that is to set up a trust. One advantage of a trust is that you can control what happens to your money, and other assets, after you pass away. If you are concerned that your grandchild may need help with living expenses, college expenses, medical expenses, etc., you can put a provision in your trust that a portion of their share can be used for those purposes. However, the remainder of their share is held in trust until they reach a certain age. For instance: One-third of their share at 25, one-third at 30, and the remainder at 35. That way, they do not
get their entire share in a lump sum when they turn 18. Because you have control over what happens to their share after you pass away, you can put in the trust that they can use their share for purchasing a home, starting a business, or even a trip to Europe!
You may be thinking, “I don’t have that much money to leave to my grand- children.” Well, one of the great ways to put money in the trust for them is to take out a life insurance policy and name your trust as the beneficiary. Then when you pass away, the life insurance will pay out to the trust and your grandchil- dren are off to Europe!
Michael B. Walling is an Elder Law attorney with a Master of Laws degree. He manages The Elder Law Center and the law firm of Michael B. Walling, PLC. Mr. Walling is also a part-time Professor at Western Michigan University. Please send any questions you would like addressed to: The Elder Law Center, 4625 Beckley Road, Building 400, Suite 4003, Battle Creek, Michigan 49015. You may also call (269) 968-1101 to set up a free initial consultation. This col- umn is intended for general information purposes only and should not be con- sidered as legal advice to any particular person.
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Normally when you dial 9-1-1, the
call center is limited in information based on the type of phone you call from. With Smart911, anytime you make an emergen- cy call from a phone registered with your Safety Profile, the 9-1-1 system recogniz- es your phone number and automatically displays your profile on the dispatch screen.
At a time when you may be pan- icked or unable to communicate, or
it could be unsafe to communicate, Smart911 ensures that the details that are necessary are immediately avail- able. Smart911 is free, private and secure.
Smart911 can help protect you, your loved ones and others by creating a Safety Profile that provides the emergency infor- mation that is critical to you. Not only
the usual information, but other important information, such as your pets and their names, your motor vehicle and it’s iden- tification, and more can be can be shared with authorities through Smart911.
When you have completed your
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registration, your profile will be entered into the system and you will receive an email confirming your account. You are in full control of the information you enter and you have the responsibility of maintaining the current and correct infor- mation that’s on file. Your information
is only available to 9-1-1 call takers and responders.
Smart911 does differ from the Help Home Program, which is specific to Calhoun County. The Help Home pro- gram is designed to give peace of mind
to a caregiver to assist with the prompt return of a person with dementia that
may have wandered. These individuals
are not likely carrying a cell phone. Consequently, the information available to dispatch and officers in patrol cars allows for law enforcement to quickly identify the person with dementia and to quickly reach out to the caregiver. This program is free and completely voluntary.
Smart911 is free to everyone and, although, it is a nationwide service, it isn’t in every municipality yet. To find out if your location has the Smart911 service, go to
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