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Page 14 Senior Times - June 2018
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P (269) 979-1479 ext. 301 |
• Wall to wall carpeting, individually controlled heating and cooling systems, and fully equipped kitchens.
• Personal 24-hour emergency call system.
• Community, laundry, & wellness room. • Library/computer room.
• Planned monthly resident activities.
• Pet friendly.
• Security cameras throughout property. • On-site maintenance.
• Barrier-free apartments available.
Rev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior Times
The Village of
We all know this truth, but if you’re like a lot of folks who would even read this far, you’re probably spending a lot of time helping others. That’s great! And it’s the kind of thing that makes our world a better place and fulfills you as a human being. Thanks for all you do! But every- one needs help beyond themselves to fully function, and thoroughly enjoy and complete our purpose for being here on earth.
I will always remember a time in my life that was the most stressful and diffi- cult because many things came together at once to challenge me like no other.
You see, my Dad who lived here in Battle Creek was a widower. He was grieving the loss of his second wife, living alone, and dwindling away physically and men- tally in his late 80’s. He began suffering from dementia, and after getting him
the help he needed through all the med- ical and social work teams at the time, simultaneously our children (who were teenagers at the time), were going through all the life events that challenged me to the brink. All of this took a toll on our marriage and affected the quality of my ministry. I was stuck and going nowhere fast.
That’s when I took the advice I’d been giving other people for years. I asked God to help me, and I was moved to begin talking with a clinical psychologist who helped me move through the multitude
of feelings, stresses, and challenges I was experiencing when I was stuck in the middle. Within several months, I was in a better place to cope with and move through everything that was keeping me stuck. It wasn’t an instant fix, but it gave me some new tools and a new map of reality to cope with the high stresses I was going though at that most difficult time.
So, it’s OK to ask for help:
• From friends.
• From professional helpers. • From God.
We’re designed to work best in rela- tionship to God and other people.
In fact Jesus says, “I am the vine, you are the branches... because apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5. Oh my! So all along it’s been God who has given us the strength to function, to live, and move and love others. The good news is that his strength doesn’t stop and leave us regardless of what we’re feeling. God is always ready to listen, to be with us, and to help.
Jesus says, “Come to me all who are weak and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” – Matt. 11:28
I discovered again that He keeps his promise. I just needed to come back to him – again in prayer.
So go ahead... ask for help. It’s the human thing to do.
~ Faithfully yours, Jim Gysel
Mill Creek A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY A Mission of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
• Veterans Preference for qualified applicants.
Call today for details.
• Services and programs tailored to provide the best in affordable senior living.
• Finely-crafted, new, three-story building with an equally impressive interior.
Embrace The Possibilities
300 Carl Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49037
PH: 269-962-0605 • FX: 269-965-2285 • TTY: 800-649-3777 •
It’s both fun and rewarding when you become a dealer
at the Allen Antique Barn. Now all the garage sale hunting, collecting over the years and results of the antique auctions you’ve attended can turn into extra cash for you.
Join our family of dealers occupying over 300 booths with 25,000 square feet of antiques, furniture and collectibles. It’s fun and rewarding!
• Booth space as low as $26 • No commissions taken
• No work days
• Special promotions
• Elevator & stairs to upper floor
• Open 7 days a week, 10am - 5pm
Call 517-869-2888 or stop in and see for yourself / Take the Coldwater exit off I-69, then 10 miles east on US 12 to the Big Red Barn. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Oaks Supports
SHP Homecare
Recently the Trilogy Foundation made a donation to Senior Health Partners (SHP) to help fund home- care for people returning from nursing facilities or the hospital. The funding was raised through the Home for the Holidays bazaar held at the Oaks at NorthPointe Woods.
Calhoun County Senior Millage funds Senior Health Partners to pro- vide homemaking services through the Community Care Options program.
Senior Times
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Pictured in the lobby of the Oaks are Susan VanderWeide, SHP nurse; Jamie Pancost, the Oaks community services representative; Anne Clark, SHP elder- care specialist; Jeremiah Johnson, exec- utive director, the Oaks at NorthPointe Woods; and Helen Guzzo, manager of Calhoun County Senior Services.
Calhoun County Senior Services is located in the County Building at 315 W Green Street in Marshall. For more details call (269) 781-0846.
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