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Page 16 Senior Times - June 2018
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
200 West Michigan Avenue Suite 102 Battle Creek, MI 49017
Kinship Korner
It’s Senior Project FRESH Time By: Stacy Wines, Associate Director, Planning & Community Programs
Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Sharon Dewey, Kinship Coordinator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
There are several types of kinship care. Listed are the definitions for the different types of care.
• Informal Kinship Care – Children
are placed by family without any court involvement. The parents have legal custody. Generally, the only type of financial assistance available is TANF – Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.
• Temporary Guardianship – This is arranged with an attorney and approved by a judge and allows caregivers to make medical, edu- cation, and financial decisions. The parents can petition the court to revoke this guardianship.
• Voluntary Kinship Care – Refers to situations where the children are placed with family and the child welfare agency is involved but the court does not take legal custody. Sometimes there are concerns about abuse or neglect, but evidence is insufficient at the time.
• Formal Kinship Care – Children are placed in the home and are in the legal custody of the courts. The child welfare agency makes legal decisions and the caregivers can receive some financial assis- tance.
The Family Enrichment Center continues to provide support, train- ing, and family activities for kinship families in Calhoun County. Some of these activities are as follows:
• June 5 – 12:30-2:30pm – Kinship
care support group -Westlake Presbyterian Church 415 S. 28th, Battle Creek
• June 14 – Noon – Brown bag lunch for Adoption Support.
• June 16 – 9am-Noon – Tim Reese will give a training on Children of Trauma. Tim is a cer- tified Trauma Practitioner.
• June 16 – 9am-Noon – Children’s art activity with Aunt Beezer.
• June 23 – Greenfield Village – RSVP by June 9. Call Tammy Skidmore at (269) 288-0923.
• June All – Free Ticket at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. Call Tammy Skidmore at (269) 788- 0923.
• Summer – Free Tickets to Binder Park Zoo. Supplies limited call Sharon Dewey at (269) 274-4077.
• Summer – Respite at Youth Haven Ranch. Call Tammy Skidmore at (269) 288-0923.
If you asked seniors in Calhoun County what they look forward to each June, I would
bet a majority would say Senior Project FRESH (SPF) coupons. Our phones have been ringing off the hook with people inquiring
as to when they can get their coupons. The wait is over folks! See page 31 for our distribution calendar in this issue of Senior Times.
For those of you who are
not familiar with Senior Project FRESH (SPF), let me tell you what the excitement is all about. SPF helps make fresh Michigan grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey available to seniors
by providing $20 in coupons
for use at designated Farmers’ Markets. The coupon booklets are available to eligible low- income seniors age 60+ on or before the date of distribution, or adults over 18 with a disability who live in senior housing. Income must be at or below $22,311 per year for a one person household or $30,044 for a two person household. Seniors may designate another person
as their proxy to pick up their coupon booklet or shop on their behalf. Simply contact CareWell Services at (269) 966-2450 to get the application and proxy form sent to you.
“Many counties only get 100 books for their entire county; thanks to the continued support and generosity of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, CareWell Services was able to purchase additional booklets
so our low-income seniors can have access to fresh Michigan- grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey,” stated Karla Fales, CEO of CareWell Services. “This program isn’t just about getting nutritious food for seniors; it also enables small family farms an opportunity to find new markets for their produce.”
In managing this project
for the last two years, I’ve noticed how much the lack of transportation affects people in being able to use their coupons. This year, I am excited to announce our new collaboration with Sprout Battle Creek. If there are at least five participants at
the same location, Sprout Battle Creek will make individual Sprout Boxes. A Sprout Box is
a customizable box of produce delivered to you. In an effort to get fresh fruits and vegetables into the hands of seniors, Sprout is willing to make individual Sprout Boxes for just $10 each and deliver them to Senior Housing facilities in Calhoun County. This price is only for individuals who qualify for SPF coupons.
Brennan Dougherty, Produce Peddler & Food Hub Manager of Sprout, stated, “Sprout Battle Creek is excited to work with CareWell Services to get more fresh produce into the hands of seniors in a way that addresses mobility issues and access for so many seniors in our area. By combining services, we aim to increase the use of programs such as the Sprout Box while working to address the current barriers seniors have to similar fresh produce box programs.”
Farmers who take the coupons get reimbursed for their value. “Sprout Battle Creek works with over 40 farmers
over the course of a year to source fresh, nutritionally
dense produce raised without heavy chemical inputs,” stated Dougherty. Farmers who have not yet registered to be a Senior Project FRESH vendor may get information at the Michigan Aging and Adult Services
Agency’s webpage (www.
Just imagine living on a limited income and having to choose between bills, health care needs, and nutrition; usually the first thing cut is the food bill. I hear time and time again how it’s cheaper to purchase preserved foods than fresh produce. With the support of the Michigan Aging and Adult Services office and the Battle Creek Community Foundation, we are able to provide $20 in fresh produce to the seniors who need it most.
No wonder this is exciting for seniors! Truth be told, it’s more exciting for me because I have the privilege of meeting and distributing coupons to Calhoun County’s finest citizens, which often times leads to getting needed services in place for that individual. Last year an older woman at Kellogg Manor took my hand after receiving her coupons and said, “Thank you. It’s always a pleasure when you guys come by.” I replied, “The pleasure is truly all mine.”
If you have any questions about SPF or any needs with regard to the caregiving or
the aging process, please give CareWell Services a call at (269) 966-2450. Call Us! We’re here to help.

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