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BY DEB BELLES, Township Supervisor
    underway. Roads are scheduled in phases and should be wrapping up in
the coming weeks. You can locate a map of these phases on our homepage under announcements.
6 1⁄2 and 9 Mile Roads will remain closed for bridge repairs through No- vember 15th.
Since the spring, the Board of Trust- ees passed the following ordinances:
• Ord. 2023-4 Event Venues: Allows
The treatment starts with an emul- sion, a sticky liquid applied to the road surface, followed by pea gravel. After a few days pass, the excess gravel will be brushed from the surface. A “fog” is then applied, which serves as a topcoat locking that gravel in place.
The third annual Cleanup Day went smoothly. Fifty-four residents disposed of bulk waste and other items. We collected 128 tires. A big thanks to the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy for volunteering! Those tires can get pretty heavy. All told, it was a pleasant morning.
event venues as conditional uses in RA – Low Density Residential, RR – Ru- ral Residential, and AB – Agricultural/ Business districts while also applying restrictions.
Of course, I’m assuming many readers may be wondering why the chip seal treatment so soon. Well, having
this maintenance now will prolong life of the road more than waiting a couple years. The chip sealing will significantly delay the early “reflecting cracks” in the asphalt, the little breaks in the surface that will lead to the larger cracks. This is a natural part of the asphalt lifecycle that has already started on the earliest reconstructed roads in our three-year project. Chip sealing now could mean few maintenance needs for upwards of eight years, plenty of time to save for that eventual expense.
You may have seen the Assessing team taking photos to update records. They are taking a break to process. You may see them next in October or the spring. They will carry identification.
• Ord. 2023-5 Conditional Rezone of Certain Property: amends the zoning ordinance to rezone 725 E. Emmett Street from RB – Medium Residential to LI – Light Industrial but also im- poses conditions on the allowed uses for the property.
In regards to the originally planned road project list, the punch list items (final, loose ends type tasks) should be complete in the next month.
Shortly after I started, I began efforts to pass a truck route ordinance. This has since been approved and limits trucks to four tons on local roads. Heavy vehicles put strain on the road surface causing ac- celerated wear and tear. We are complet- ing the last piece of the puzzle having
Hello folks! It’s time for my next column, and once again, it finds us making hay while the sun shines.
now installed the signs notifying drivers of the truck route requirements. The Township has now started enforcement.
moving from their current location. Some may have seen dirt moving around the 6 1⁄2 - Beadle Lake Road intersection. There is some hotel interest in that area, but no initiative is into the permitting phase. Further north up Beadle Lake Road, by the highway overpass, are plans for a service station with two fast food restaurants.
Recently approved chip seal projects are
Please keep grass clippings and other yard debris out of the road. This mate- rial can act like ice for motorcycles and bicycles.
Emmett Township Update
I was invited to present at Beadle Lake Elementary School’s Career Day. I had a pleasure talking with the little ones and their parents about their career paths.
• Ord. 2023-6 Rezone Certain Property: amends the zoning ordinance to rezone 530 Main Street from dual zoning of RB and LC – Local Commercial to entirely LC.
Commercial construction activities carry on throughout the township. The former Gordon’s Food Service building is being remodeled for 3-4 suites. So far, Maurice’s has committed to one suite,
Thanks for reading. Let’s welcome the fall season.
 Furthermore, the Township currently has the funding for this maintenance. Left over bond proceeds are enough
to cover these road treatments, and the proceeds needed to be used up in the summer of 2023. The Township Board of Trustees saw this as an opportunity and decided to take advantage.

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