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 medication for ADHD, particularly in adults. Yet, research indicates ADHD is a valid diagnosis for about ten percent of the population who would benefit from treatment. As a psycholo- gist, the approach of MLB is advised. In fact, referrals to psychologists for ADHD evaluations are one of the best examples of integrated care where testing expertise assists physicians in treatment decisions. We find referrals from physicians for ADHD evaluations are second only to depression.
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Evidence-based evaluation for ADHD includes these components: • Objective verification of ADHD
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symptoms of Inattention, Hyperac- tivity and/or Impulsivity using age and gender norms. Validation of symptom severity at a level of 95% greater than peers is measured by symptom rating scales completed by the patient, family and/or co-work- ers. Direct assessment of attention is typically accomplished by a comput- er-based vigilance task. For adults,
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a structured interview which details symptoms in childhood and as adults clarifies whether diagnostic criteria are met. For children, scales are completed by parents and teachers.
• These measures also assist in verify- ing symptoms are present in multiple settings and life-long.
• Personality testing is of assistance in ruling out other conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, neurological injury) which may account for the identified symptoms.
We offer a variety of options for the most appropriate service, the most fitting farewell.
ADHD evaluation results are pro- vided to primary care physicians with recommendations for a trial of medi- cation, where appropriate. Medication management requires consideration
of the patient’s entire physical health status. Following evaluation patients are advised to return for a follow-up consultation with a psychologist to determine the effectiveness of medica- tion which can be accomplished with re-testing on some measures. Further, the most successful outcomes with ADHD treatment are a combination of medication and education regarding management of symptoms through be- havioral practices. Due to the life-long nature of ADHD, consultation with the primary care physician and behavioral health professional is often a long-term collaboration.
• Make your wishes known to your family
• Prepayment is not necessary.
• If you decide to prepay you will lock into certain costs.
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Your prepaid funds can be made irrevocable in order to become Medicaid eligible.
Your existing life insurance may be able to be protected if Medicaid becomes necessary.
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