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About Senior Times

Senior Times, established in 1993, is the regional resource for area senior adults published monthly in a newspaper format. Learn all about local resources and issues impacting mature adults as well as their adult children from monthly featured topics to Medicare, Social Security, Veteran's benefits, legal issues, guardianship, and so much more. Senior Times also provides monthly information about community and senior center activities, housing options, caregiver needs, support groups, meal sites, transportation, and more. Senior Times is published twelve times per year. Senior Times is distributed free through our advertisers, area professional offices, and key points of interest primarily in Barry, Branch, Calhoun, and Jackson Counties, along with limited quantities to surrounding counties.

Senior Times is also hand delivered, for free distribution to the general public, to hundreds of locations throughout our market area. We want it out there, working – where people shop and enjoy the community.

Group of Seniors Excercising
Group of Seniors Walking

Senior Times Editorial Calendar

To view Senior Time's monthly editorial topic(s), due date, and publish date, select the month (tab).

  • Senior Times Legal Issues
    Volume: 31-07
    Lead Topic(s):
    Family Reunion Month / Genealogy
    Other Topic(s): Sibling Rivalry / Sandwich Generation / County Fairs / Companionship
    Copy Date: 6/10/24
    Printer Date: 6/20/24
    Deliver Date: 6/25/24
  • Cognitive Issues
    Volume: 31-08
    Lead Topic(s):
    Brain Health – Cognitive Concerns & Prevention
    Other Topic(s): Mental Health/ Healthy Spirit
    Copy Date: 7/10/24
    Printer Date: 7/25/24
    Deliver Date: 7/30/24
  • Volume: 31-09
    Lead Topic(s):
    Preparedness Month – Grab These Doc’s and Go
    Other Topic(s): Knowing Your Rights / Legal Issues / Pre-Planning / Health Advocate
    Copy Date: 8/12/24
    Printer Date: 8/22/24
    Deliver Date: 8/27/24
  • Medicare, Social Security
    Volume: 31-10
    Lead Topic(s):
     Medical History & Medication Management
    Other Topic(s): Substance Misuse  & Abuse Prevention / Soc Sec Vs. Medicare / Open Enrollment
    Copy Date: 9/10/24
    Printer Date: 9/19/24
    Deliver Date: 9/24/24
  • Senior Adult Alternative Health
    Volume: 30-11
    Lead Topic(s):
    Home Care / Hospice / Palliative Care
    Other Topic(s): Veteran Documents & Assistance Supports / Warning Signs 
    Copy Date: 10/10/24
    Printer Date: 10/24/24
    Deliver Date: 10/29/24
  • Heritage
    Volume: 31-12
    Lead Topic(s):
    Holiday Survival Guide
    Other Topic(s): Gift vs Experience Giving / Inspiring vs Coping w/ New Traditions / Health Screens
    Copy Date: 11/11/24
    Printer Date: 11/20/24
    Deliver Date: 11/26/24
  • Health, Resolutions
    Volume: 31-01
    Lead Topic(s): 
    Health Awareness Month
    Other Topic(s): Resolutions / Winter Activities / Walk Your Pet Month / Sleep Patterns
    Copy Date: 12/11/23
    Printer Date: 12/21/23
    Deliver Date: 12/27/23
  • Independence
    Volume: 31-02
    Lead Topic(s):
     Senior Independence Mo / Employment vs. Retirement
    Other Topic(s): Social Programs for independence / Computer Etiquette / Valentines / Heart Health
    Copy Date: 1/10/24
    Printer Date: 1/21/24
    Deliver Date: 1/25/24
  • Finances, Scam Prevention
    Volume: 31-03
    Lead Topic(s):
     Managing Your Finances / Parent’s Finances
    Other Topic(s): Prevent Financial Exploitation / Investment / Taxes / Advocacy
    Copy Date: 2/12/24
    Printer Date: 2/23/24
    Deliver Date: 2/27/24
  • Spring Preparations, Aging in Place, Transitions
    Volume: 31-04
    Lead Topic(s):
    Alternative Therapies / Rehab
    Other Topic(s): PT / OT / RT / Acupuncture, Chiropractic care , etc. / Home Safety
    Copy Date: 3/11/24
    Printer Date: 3/21/24
    Deliver Date: 3/26/24
  • Know Your Digits
    Volume: 30-05
    Lead Topic(s):
    Know Your Digits / Hearing / Vision / Blood Pressure
    Other Topic(s): Older Americans Month / Senior Expo  / Movement
    Copy Date: 4/10/24
    Printer Date: 4/20/24
    Deliver Date: 4/30/24
  • Summer Safety, Outdoor Fun, Scam Prevention
    Volume: 31-06
    Lead Topic(s):
    Outdoor adventure month / Car Care / Travel
    Other Topic(s): National Safety Month / Scam & Abuse Prevention / Skin Care
    Copy Date: 5/10/24
    Printer Date: 5/23/24
    Deliver Date: 5/28/24

The button below is a link to a pdf of the Scene editorial calendar if you would like to view/download it.

qxif-file-pdf Editorial Calendar

Want to submit a press release or editorial?

Press release information will be considered for publication when submitted on time, on topic, as space is available. Photos are encouraged; jpg, tif, png, pdf preferred. Click on the button below to email your files.
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Senior Couple Playing
Seniors Driving Into The Sunset

Senior Times Distribution Sites

This is a partial list major Senior Times drop locations.
  • Albion Library
  • City Hall
  • Depot Train
  • Family Fare
  • Forks Senior Center
  • Parks Drug Store
  • Youngs Pharmacy
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Copper Kettle Restaurant
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Liberty One Stop Marathon Station
  • Marathon Station
Battle Creek
  • Agility Health
  • Art Center
  • Advantage Living
  • Battle Creek Friends Church
  • Battle Creek Hearing
  • Battle Creek Chamber Of Commerce
  • Bedford Manor
  • Beltone Hearing
  • Bickford Cottage
  • Borgess Health Park
  • Bronson Battle Creek
  • Bronson Family Practice
  • Brookdale Assisted Living
  • Brookside Medicare Facility
  • Calhoun County Medical Care Facility
  • Care Community
  • Cherry Hill Manor
  • Clara's On The River
  • Commerce Point
  • Community Action
  • DayOne Family Healthcare
  • Evergreen Manor
  • Family Y Center
  • Family Fare
  • Fazoli's
  • Finley's Restaurant
  • Fire Keeper's Hotel Desk
  • Grace Health
  • Heartland of Battle Creek
  • Helen Warner Branch Library
  • Heritage Assisted Living
  • HomeCare Transitions
  • Home Spun Restraurant
  • Kool Family Center
  • Lakeview Meadows
  • Lakeview Senior Living
  • Lakeview Square Mall
  • Laurels of Bedford
  • Lux Restaurant
  • M-66 Bowl
  • Main Street Market
  • North Ave Podiatry Service PC
  • NorthPointe Woods
  • Omni Community Credit Union
  • Pancake House
  • Panera Bread
  • Pennfield Premier Living
  • Regional Medical Lab
  • Reflections Memory Care
  • R&R Grill
  • Senior Care Partners
  • Springview Tower
  • Sweetwater Donuts
  • The Family Health Center
  • The Oaks
  • Twin Valley Pharmacy
  • US Post Office
  • VA Medical Center
  • Walgreens (Beckley Road)
  • Westbrook Place
  • Willard Library
  • Brown Building
  • Branch County Commission On Aging
  • Branch County Community Health Agency
  • Branch District Library
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • Coldwater Gardens
  • Community Health Center
  • County Knoll Apartments
  • Goodie Shop (30 N. Monroe)
  • Family Fare
  • Grand Vista
  • H&C Burnside Senior Center
  • Laurels of Coldwater
  • Meadow View Apartments
  • Pines Behavior Health
  • Walgreens
  • PS Food Mart
  • M-60 Grill
  • Barry Cares
  • Barry County Foundation
  • CareLinc
  • Commission On Aging
  • Creekside Hearing
  • Family Fare
  • Hastings Library
  • Hastings Meadows
  • Mallard Pond Village
  • Magnum Health and Rehab
  • McDonald (W. State St.)
  • Pennock Health Center
  • Pennock Hospital
  • Pennock Professional Building
  • Pennock Volunteer Coordinator
  • State Street Diner
  • Thornapple Credit Union
  • Thornapple Manor
  • Woodlawn Meadows
  • Stagecoach Cafe
  • Barneyville Senior Apartments
  • Allegra Health Center
  • Blake Woods Medical Park
  • Friends Home for Senior Women
  • Jackson Area Libraries
  • Jackson Senior Center
  • Jackson County Medical Facility
  • Laundromat (Wisner Road)
  • Marrs Avenue Grill (E. Michigan Ave.)
  • PACE
  • St. Vincent de Paul Store
  • TLC Eyecare
  • Tractor Supply
  • Vista Grand Villa
  • Y-Center
Kalamazoo / Portage
  • Dillion Hall
  • Comstock Community Center
  • Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. - Kalamazoo
  • Department of Human Services
  • Kalamazoo Public Library
  • Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. - Portage
  • Portage Senior Center
  • Wedel's Texas Corners
  • Cornwell's Turkeyville
  • Country Kitchen
  • County Building, Senior Services
  • Family Fare
  • Grand Vista Living Community
  • Library
  • Mancino's Restaurant
  • Marshall Community Credit Union
  • Marshall House Apartments
  • Marshall Manor
  • Maplewood
  • Medilodge of Marshall
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Carveth Village
  • McDonald's
  • Post Office
Spring Arbor
  • Ridgecrest
  • Brown's Pharmacy
  • Spring Arbor Nursing Home
  • Spring Arbor Cafe
  • Hutch's Food Center
Union City
  • Lighthouse Funeral Home
  • Village Library
  • Jack's Grocery
Past Issues Of

Senior Times

Select a cover to view the issue and enjoy.

▼ 2024 ▼

Senior Times - New Year
New Year's Resolution
Senior Times - Independence
Senior Times - Finances
Senior Times - Finances
Alternative Therapies and Integrative Health
Senior Times - Know Your Digits
Know Your Digits
Senior Times - Know Your Digits
Summer Safety / Outdoor Fun / Scam Prevention

▼ 2023 ▼

Senior Times - Mobility, Assistive Devices
Mobility / Assistive Devices
Technology, Heart Health
Technology / Heart Health
Caregiving, Scam Prevention
Caregiving / Scam Prevention
Spring Preparations, Aging in Place Transitions
Spring Preparations / Aging in Place / Transitions
Spring Preparations, Aging in Place Transitions
Healthy Aging / Older Americans Month / Better Hearing
Personal Safety, Summer Fun, Travel Safety
Personal Safety / Summer Fun / Travel Safety 
Legal Issues
Legal Issues
Cognitive Issues
Cognitive Issues
Medicare, Planning, Social Security
Medicare, Planning, Social Security
Medicare, Planning, Social Security
Gratitude, Traditions, Healthy Habits
Medicare, Planning, Social Security
Plan Ahead for Health, Addressing Chronic Conditions, Holiday Help

▼ 2022 ▼

Senior Times - Creativity, New Year
Creativity / New Year's Resolutions / Return to Learn
Senior Times - Healthy Home, Healthy Heart, Healthy Living
Healthy Home / Healthy Heart / Healthy Living
Senior Times - Financial, Tax Assistance, Retire vs. Refire
Financial / Tax Assistance / Retire vs. Refire
Senior Times - Cancer Care, Spring Cleaning, Volunteerism
Cancer Care / Spring Cleaning / Volunteerism
Senior Times - Better Hearing, Healthy Aging
Better Hearing / Healthy Aging
Senior Times - Better Hearing, Healthy Aging
Safety / Prevention / Scams
Senior Times - Sandwich Generation, Voting 2022
Sandwich Generation / Voting 2022
Senior Times - Sandwich Generation, Voting 2022
Legal Documents / Sharing Your Wishes
Senior Times - Healthy Aging, Dementia, Miles for Memories
Healthy Aging / Dementia / Miles for Memories
Senior Times - Food for Living, Open Enrollment
Food for Living / Open Enrollment
Senior Times - Celebrating Caregivers
Celebrating Caregivers
Senior Times - Celebrating Caregivers
Celebrating Holidays Anew

▼ 2021 ▼

Senior Times - The New Better, Employment vs Retirement, Simplify Life Cover
The New Better / Employment vs Retirement / Simplify Life
Senior Times - Matters of the Heart, Companionship, Valentine’s Day Wishes Cover
Matters of the Heart / Companionship / Valentine’s Day Wishes 
Senior Times - Caregiving Solutions, Advocacy, COVID Resources Cover
Caregiving Solutions / Advocacy / COVID Resources
Senior Times - Independence, Aging-in-Place, Home Health Cover
Independence / Aging-in-Place / Home Health
Senior Times - Staying Active, Health & Fitness, Hearing Cover
Staying Active / Health & Fitness / Hearing
Senior Times - Summer Fun, Travel, Safety Cover
Summer Fun / Travel / Safety
Senior Times - Rightsizing Your Home, Residential Housing Options, Re-Nesting
Rightsizing Your Home / Residential Housing Options / Re-Nesting
Senior Times - Legal Considerations, Legal Issues, Legal Documents
Legal Considerations / Legal Issues / Legal Documents
Senior Times - Grand Parenting, A Century of Wisdom, Miles For Memories

Grand Parenting / A Century of Wisdom / Miles For Memories

Senior Times - Medicare, Your Benefits, Social Security

Medicare / Your Benefits / Social Security

Senior Times - Restoring Joy, Mental Health, Substance Abuse

Restoring Joy / Mental Health / Substance Abuse

Senior Times - Holiday Time, Your Family Tree, Nutrition

Holiday Time / Your Family Tree / Nutrition

▼ 2020 ▼

Senior Times Intimacy Resolutions Womans Health Cover
Intimacy / Resolutions / Womans Health
Senior Times Health & Fitness Driving Companionship Cover
Health & Fitness / Driving / Companionship
Senior Times Caregiving, Family & Friends, Advocacy Cover
Caregiving / Family & Friends / Advocacy
Senior Times - COVID-19, Staying Safe & In Touch, Spring Cleaning
COVID-19 / Staying Safe & In Touch / Spring Cleaning
Senior Times - COVID-19, Staying Safe & In Touch, Spring Cleaning
COVID-19 / Memorial Day /  Lifestyle Essentials
Senior Times - Scams, Elder Abuse Prevention, COVID-19
Scams / Elder Abuse Prevention /  COVID-19
Senior Times - Aging in Place, Celebrating Independence, Faith Matters
Aging in Place / Celebrating Independence /  Faith Matters
Senior Times - Legal Issues, Pre-planning, Palliative Care
Legal Issues / Pre-planning / Palliative Care
Senior Times - Celebrating Caregivers, Dementia, Grandparenting
Celebrating Caregivers / Dementia / Grandparenting
Senior Times - Health, Meet the Candidates, Immunizations
Health / Meet the Candidates / Immunizations
Senior Times - Health, Meet the Candidates, Immunizations
Self Care / Alternative Therapies / Safety Tips
Senior Times - New Traditions, New Bonds, New Milestones
New Traditions / New Bonds / New Milestones / COVID-19 Resource List Update

▼ 2019 ▼

Senior Times Grand Parenting Creativity Cover
Grand Parenting / International Creativity Month
Senior Times Cardiac Care Cover
Cardiac Care / American Heart Month
Financial Fitness Retirement Reverse Mortgages Cover
Financial Fitness / Get To Retirement / Reverse Mortgages
Nutrition Alternative Health Care Opioids Cover
Nutrition / Alternative Health Care / Opioids
Fitness Older AmericansNational Hearing Cover
Fitness For All Levels / Older Americans Month / National Hearing Month
Sandwich Generation Sibling Cover
Sandwich Generation / Sibling Relationships / Father's Day
Safety & Prevention Cover
Safety & Prevention Inside and Out
Legal Issues Pre Planning Cover
Legal Issues / Pre Planning
Senior Times Role Reversal Assisted Living Cover
Role Reversal Issues – Assisted Living Week
Senior Times Eating Better Together Cover
Eat Better, Eat Together Month
Senior Times Celebrating the Caregiver Cover
Celebrating the Caregiver – National Caregivers Month
Senior Times Aging In Place Mobility Home Care Options Cover
Aging In Place / Mobility / Home Care Options

▼ 2018 ▼

Senior Times Sharing Family Stories, Building A Legacy Cover
Sharing Family Stories / Building A Legacy
Senior Times Issues Of The Heart Cover
Issues Of The Heart
Senior Times Weather, Home Care Providers, Staying Home Cover
Weather Preparedness / Weather Safety / Home Care Providers / Staying Home
Senior Times Cancer Control Month, Celebrating The Volunteer, Caregiving Cover
Cancer Control Month / Celebrating The Volunteer / Caregiving
Senior Times Celebrating Seniors, Engage At Every Age Cover
Celebrating Seniors / Engage At Every Age
Senior Times Legal Issues, DPOA, Advance Planning Cover
Legal Issues / DPOA / Advance Planning
Senior Times National Park & Rec Month, Travel, Cell Phone Courtesy Month Cover
National Park & Rec Month / Travel / Cell Phone Courtesy Month
Senior Times Alternative Health Medicare Medicaid Update Cover
Alternative Health / Medicare / Medicaid Update
Senior Times Healthy Aging, Dementia Update, Heart Disease Cover
Healthy Aging / Dementia Update / Heart Disease
Senior Times Healthy Eating, Voting, Medicare Cover
Healthy Eating / Voting / Medicare
Senior Times National Caregivers Month, Engaging During Holidays Cover
National Caregivers Month / Engaging During Holidays
Senior Times Home Safety, Mobility, Transportation Cover
Home Safety / Mobility / Transportation

▼ 2017 ▼

Senior Times Movement For Your Health Cover
Movement For Your Health
Senior Times Heart Health Cover
Heart Health
Senior Times Working vs. Retirement Cover
Working vs. Retirement
Senior Times Home Care Choices Cover
Home Care Choices
Senior Times Hearing, Age Out Loud Cover
Hearing / Age Out Loud
Senior Times Summer Fun Cover
Summer Fun
Senior Times Nutrition Nature
Nutrition Nature's Health Care
Senior Times Cognitive Care And Awareness Cover
Cognitive Care And Awareness
Senior Times The Caregiver Living Options Cover
The Caregiver Living Options
Senior Times Legal Issues Pre-Planning Cover
Legal Issues Pre-Planning
Senior Times Thank You Veterans Cover
Thank You Veterans
Senior Times Celebrating The Holidays Cover
Celebrating The Holidays

▼ 2016 ▼

Senior Times Tackling Change This Year Cover
Tackling Change This Year
Senior Times Intimacy For Seniors Cover
Intimacy For Seniors
Senior Times Finances For Seniors Cover
Finances For Seniors
Senior Times Home Improvement For Seniors Cover
Home Improvement For Seniors
Senior Times Celebrating Aging, Featuring Hearing Cover
Celebrating Aging / Featuring Hearing
Senior Times Summer Fun And Safety Cover
Summer Fun And Safety
Senior Times Honoring Veterans Cover
Honoring Veterans
Senior Times Legal Services For Seniors Cover
Legal Services For Seniors
Senior Times Awareness & Prevention, Cognitives Issues Cover
Awareness & Prevention / Cognitives Issues
Senior Times Medicare Answers, Voting Options Cover
Medicare Answers / Voting Options
Senior Times Holiday Time, Health & Nutrition Cover
Holiday Time / Health & Nutrition
Senior Times Caregiving Solutions Cover
Caregiving Solutions