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About Scene Magazine

Scene Magazine, established in 1977, is recognized as the glossy “City Magazine” that has served the people who live and work in the Battle Creek / Marshall area of Southwest Michigan. Scene Magazine is a state-of-the-art, targeted marketing vehicle with a positive point of view that can really make things happen for advertisers. Scene is published twelve times per year. Scene is distributed free through our advertisers, area professional offices, and key points of interest in the Battle Creek, Springfield, Urbandale and Marshall area.

Scene’s high quality production values, fabulous cover designs, and in-depth coverage of one broadly significant topic per issue – like health or education – makes it a must-read for adults who care about this community. You’ll likely find a copy proudly displayed in lobbies, in waiting rooms, and on coffee tables, all over town. It is estimated that each copy is read by ten different people, on average, each month. We understand the power of being completely local in focus. Scene Magazine has earned the trust of our readers; that trust extends to our advertisers.

Scene Magazine serves as a positive voice for the greater Battle Creek, Marshall, Springfield, and Urbandale area as we share all that our community has to offer. We seek to recognize the positive impact of area leaders including individuals, organizations, and businesses. Each issue of Scene Magazine has a reason to become someone’s favorite. 

Scene is also hand delivered, for free distribution to the general public, to over 100 locations throughout our market area. We want it out there, working – where people shop and dine.

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Scene Magazine Editorial Calendar

To view Scene's monthly editorial topic(s), due date, and publish date, select the month (tab).

  • Health
    Volume: 47-09
    Lead Topic(s):
     Health Issue
    Due Date: 8/25/22
    Publish Date: 9/15/22
  • Veterans
    Volume: 47-10
    Lead Topic(s):
     Military Tribute Featuring Active Military & Veterans
    Due Date: 9/25/22
    Publish Date: 10/15/22
  • Celebrations
    Volume: 47-11
    Lead Topic(s):
     Celebrations / Person of the year
    Due Date: 10/25/22
    Publish Date: 11/15/22
  • Christmas Story Contest
    Volume: 47-12
    Lead Topic(s):
     Non-Profits / Shop Local / Christmas Story Contest Winners 
    Due Date: 11/25/22
    Publish Date: 12/15/22
  • Men In Business
    Volume: 47-01
    Lead Topic(s):
     Men In Business / Big Biz
    Due Date: 12/23/21
    Publish Date: 1/15/22
  • Youth Education
    Volume: 47-02
    Lead Topic(s):
     Youth & Education
    Due Date: 1/25/22
    Publish Date: 2/15/22
  • Health and Fitness
    Volume: 47-03
    Lead Topic(s):
     Health & Fitness Issue
    Due Date: 2/25/22
    Publish Date: 3/15/22
  • Women In Business
    Volume: 47-04
    Lead Topic(s):
     Women In Business / Home Improvement
    Due Date: 3/25/22
    Publish Date: 4/15/22
  • Summer Destination
    Volume: 47-05
    Lead Topic(s):
     Summer Destination
    Due Date: 4/25/22
    Publish Date: 5/15/22
  • Annual Report Card and Yearbook
    Volume: 47-06
    Lead Topic(s):
     Annual Report Card / Yearbook
    Due Date: 5/25/22
    Publish Date: 6/15/22
  • Back To School
    Volume: 47-07
    Lead Topic(s):
     Back to School
    Due Date: 6/25/22
    Publish Date: 7/15/22
  • Small Business
    Volume: 47-08
    Lead Topic(s):
     Community Support
    Due Date: 7/25/22
    Publish Date: 8/15/22

The button below is a link to a pdf of the Scene editorial calendar if you would like to view/download it.

Editorial Calendar

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