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By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
  During this time of wonderful weather the desire to get out and about increases. Did you know that six out of ten people living with dementia will wander, creating a new level of stress for family members?
watch. The watch does include all the personal contact information for the emergency contact but also provides for an immediate opportunity to check the G.P.S. location of a loved one in real time. Alerts can be sent directly to the care- giver’s phone via an app when the loved one wanders beyond a safe distance or the bracelet is submerged in water for an extended period
 Miles for Memories offers several programs to create greater peace of mind and support for the caregiver. One such program is the Help Home program, which is designed to help the person with dementia return home safely with less anxiety and worry.
of time. This system will also track movement of the loved one throughout the day, as well as send notifications directly to the watch. Just as important, the caregiver can call the loved one and interact with them via the speaker. It can even be set to answer automatically. This is made possible by having a cell phone number linked to the watch and requires a monthly ser- vice fee starting at $15.
The Help Home program allows family members (or other authorized persons) to sub- mit a form containing pertinent information about the person living with dementia directly to law enforcement. This information is entered into a local database managed by the Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority 9-1-1 center. This database is immediately accessible to patrol units in the field. Interested fami-
ly members can go directly to the website at Click on the Safe Return Programs button. There you can download a Help Home brochure, or read more about each of the programs.
field will alert authorities to the need to find the care receiver.
The Personal ID bracelet is a visual com- ponent worn by the person that securely stores their complete medical profile online, which can be accessed by First Responders in five seconds or less. Time saves lives.
Each of these pieces can assist with the safe return of a loved one as well as provide an opportunity for prompt care when necessary. Furthermore, the emergency respite program is available for those needing care when a care- giver is injured.
Best of all, you have complete control over the content that is accessible from a click, a scan, or a call to the number on the reverse side of the band through an app on your phone or personal computer. Each band has its own I.D. and PIN numbers that are used to create a per- sonal account for the wearer.
Register for the Miles for Memories Community Stroll, September 17 at 10am starting at Festival Market Square in down- town Battle Creek. Get the latest updates and learn about Miles for Memories programs. Register at (269) 979-1412.
  The caregiver will have greater peace of mind knowing that if their loved is lost, steps have been taken to find and return them as quickly as possible, without an unnecessary trip to the hospital. A simple call to 9-1-1 will alert authorities to be on the lookout for your loved one.
As part of the program a Personal I.D. bracelet is available to be worn by the person living with dementia, and/or their caregiver. It provides support for the person beginning with the earlier stages of dementia to continue to be active. When worn by the caregiver, the notes
A new benefit for those choosing the Personal I.D. bracelet (or Nugget, which is a slider that fits onto an existing watch band)
is the location identification feature. Families choosing the plus membership of $20 per year will have added benefits for storage of legal documents and the opportunity to have your loved one’s location sent directly to the emer- gency contact when scanned. While it’s not a G.P.S. device, a direct location can be identified when scanned by a smart phone of a passerby.
For more information call Miles for Memories at (269) 979-1412 or email memo-
  If your loved one is mobile and has demon- strated regular attempts to wander you may want to consider the Miles for Memories G.P.S.
Miles for Memories is an all-volunteer organization operating as a community proj- ect fund through the Battle Creek Community Foundation that seeks to create solutions for those impacted by dementia in Calhoun County through movement, programming and research.
Hastings Woodland
Albion Battle Creek Battle Creek Homer Marshall
Jackson Jackson Napoleon Spring Arbor
COA Building Eagles Club
Theresa Lancaster Leona Rairigh
(269) 948-4856
(269) 367-4041
DAYS TIME *Not All Sites Open - Call First M-F 10am-2pm
Faith United Methodist
Angela Soya
(269) 579-3918
Main St. Banqets
Jenny Burlison
(517) 213-9212
Meals provided by Barry County Commission on Aging. A program sponsored by Barry County United Way.
M,W,F 10:30am-1pm
 Coldwater Church of Christ
 Alisha Carr
 (517) 279-8249
 Lunch Served at 12pm
 Meals provided by Community Action Food and Nutritional Services. Funding sources AAA 3C, Branch County United Way, USDA, and private donations.
Albion Forks Senior Dining Center
Cynthia Rose
(866) 200-8877
Lunch served at 12pm
 Clarence Township Dining Center Cherryhill Manor Senior Center Springview Towers Dining Center Homer Presbyterian Church Marshall House Dining Center
Crouch Senior Center
King Rec Center, Food with Friends Napoleon Township Hall
Spring Arbor Senior Center
Mark Rice
Constance Siegel Eileen Worthington Senior Health Partners Deb Trescott
Laurie Mead Laurie Mead Laurie Mead
Laurie Mead
(866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (269) 441-0948 (866) 200-8877
(517) 788-4364 (517) 788-4364 (517) 788-4364
(517) 788-4364
M,T,W M,T,W,Th,F M,T,W,Th,F T
M,T,W,Th,F M,T,W,Th,F T, Th M,T,W,Th,F
11am-12pm 10:30am-1pm 10:30am-12:30pm 10:30am 10:30am-12:30pm
8am-4pm 10:30am-1:30pm 10:30am-1:30pm
Lunch served at 11am Lunch served at 11:30am Lunch served at 11:30am Senior Fit & Fun, Lunch after Lunch served at 12pm
Lunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pm
Lunch served at 12pm
Battle Creek
Bedford Manor Dining Center
Billy Castle
(866) 200-8877
Lunch served at 11:30am
Battle Creek
Lakeview 900 Territorial Dining Center
Karl Hoard
(866) 200-8877
Lunch served at 11:30am
Battle Creek
Westbrook Place Dining Center
Michelle Dove
(866) 200-8877
Lunch served at 11:30am
Heritage Commons
Kitty Knoll
(269) 558-6150
T, Th
Lunch served at 12pm
 Tekonsha Community Hall
 Senior Health Partners
 (269) 441-0948
 Senior Fit & Fun, Lunch after
 All sites have hot and cold meals. Meals provided by Senior Services SW MI. Funding by Calhoun County Senior Services, CareWell Services - AAA 3B, USDA, and private donations.
 Grass Lake
 Grass Lake Food With Friends
 Annie Lavergne
 (517) 788-4364
 T, Th
 Lunch served at 12pm
Park Forest
Laurie Mead
(517) 788-4364
Lunch served at 12pm
Michigan Center
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Laurie Mead
(517) 788-4364
Lunch served at 12pm
300 Mill Street
Laurie Mead
(517) 788-4364
Lunch served at 12pm
 To have your senior dining center added or changes to your listing, Call Sherii at (269) 979-1479 ext. 2 or Email:
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