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Page 2 Senior Times - June 2022
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
  Celebrate this Father’s Day with what a father may cherish most. It could be an unin- terrupted day working on a project, your time, or possibly something that combines them both.
Whether you go out or stay in this year be sure to make memories and take a photo or two. Use this day as a springboard for more reasons to get together this summer.
 There has always been some controversy over the celebration, which continues in the present day. Many men look at the commer- cialism of the day as a way for their hard- earned money to be spent on sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift giving. Realistically, there are so many more options, so I say, celebrate anyway.
• A good old-fashioned primping day for Dad could be fun with a shave and a haircut or massage.
If you’re set on bringing a gift this year then gift cards are always considerate and it lets them have fun deciding how they might spend it. Beyond gift cards, consider what they would think is useful and practical for their activity level. How about something to hold all their conveniences such as their glasses, cell phone (and charger), book, remote control, or maybe even tissues? Maybe added conveniences for the mobility devices such as a cup holder, a caddy, or an added seat would be a good idea. Items to help them be warm and cozy could include non-slip slippers, a personalized throw, a weighted blanket, or a device to remotely manage the temperature in the house. One can rarely go wrong with customized items such
From a daughter’s point of view, however, it was a wonderful reminder to say, “Thank you,” to my dad for all the experiences he brought to my life. And while gifts are always great, I’ll bet that your dad would enjoy simply spending time with you this year instead; mine did. If you are struggling with a way to just spend
a little bit of time with your dad on June 19 maybe these ideas can help.
• If the heat, or other weather issues are chal- lenging, then the indoor mall provides lots of shade, is climate controlled, has bathrooms, and even food.
as beverage cups, photo books, or an electron- ic photo frame or sweatshirt with grand baby photos or even photos from your youth.
Does your dad like to go out of the house? Common favorites are a meal at a favorite restaurant; activities like golfing (or miniature golf), fishing, or bowling; experiences like bird watching or creating memories on a day trip. For sports fans, another great option is to enjoy a live game together. And while this may seem like common sense, it’s OK if it’s not actually on Father’s Day.
If your dad is more of the stay at home
type, or has more challenges with going out, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your time together. Make sure you bring in plenty of snacks and beverages that he enjoys.
• There’s always some kind of sporting event
If they have not yet gotten all the technol- ogy they needed over the past year then now might be just the right time to buy them the items they need. Help them to discover all the ways that it can be used to make their lives easier, more enjoyable, and more connected. Then plan to reach out more often.
But wait, there’s more:
• Attend a car show. They abound in south central Michigan.
• Visit an exhibit such as at a museum or art
• Bring in the rest of the siblings and plan a day of cards, or other board games he enjoys. And as long as you’re all there, help with a project around the house.
If like me, your father is no longer with us, it is a great opportunity to remember the man he was, to reflect on his legacy, and to honor that legacy in some way. Help your children and grand children to learn more about him. You can also find a place to volunteer your time to help make this day special for other fathers.
• Try sightseeing or a walk through nature or
• Does he like visitors? Invite others as well and have a cookout, BBQ, or a potluck.
on the miles of beaches we have in Michigan. • Enjoy historic reenactments or historic
• If his favorite restaurant does take-out stop on your way there and pick up for a special surprise.
Enjoy a happy and health Father’s Day from your friends at Senior Times.
on T.V. Or how about the newest movie in a genre he enjoys. Binge watching the newest show on Netflix is always fun too.
• Pour yourself into the photo albums and learn about your family’s history.
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