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        So Do Travel Scams
By: Katie Grevious, Communications Specialist, BBB
It’s that time of the year again to start booking those fun summer family vacations. Ahead of booking your next flight and hotel online, make sure you are looking at the right website to avoid unwanted surprises. According to the 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report, online shopping scams are the riskiest. This includes searching for online trav- el booking sites.
on for reviews and feedback from previous customers.
 "Scammers create unrealistic deals and tempting packages on flights and hotels that mimic real travel websites,” says Lisa Frohnapfel, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan. “Don’t wait until the last minute and make sure to do your research on who you are actually giving money to, to save yourself time and money from scammers.”
Make sure you are on the right website. Scammers often use company logos as their own and create websites and phone numbers that seem similar to a real business. Make sure you only give personal sensitive information like credit card numbers on secure sites. The URL should start with HTTPS (S means it is secure). There is usually a lock symbol in the corner of the brows- er as well.
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  Recently, a West Michigan woman was trying to make changes to her upcoming vacation. She found herself on the wrong website calling a fake number. The person on the other end required her to purchase gift cards, ensuring her to make changes to her vacation plans. After purchasing one gift card, she realized something wasn’t right, and hung up the phone. She was able to get in contact with the real booking agency who confirmed it was a scam. However, the scammer was able to get the money from the gift card she purchased.
Plan well in advance. The earlier that you make your reservations, the better the deals and lower the risk of missing out on your ideal location. Making plans in advance also locks in the rates and they cannot rise on you during high travel seasons.
Consider using a local travel agency. A good travel agent will take the time to learn your travel needs, preferences, budget and stay up to date on travel restrictions and alerts to make sure your trip runs smoothly. They do comparison shopping to find the trans- portation, accommodations, attractions, and services that will give you the greatest satisfaction at the best price. Check for local, accredited businesses at
 An easy way to avoid a travel scam is to book your trip directly through a local travel agency you can trust.
Paying with a credit card allows you another layer of protection and the ability to resolve it with the credit card company, should anything go wrong.
Use a credit card when possible.
 “We can help with flights and hotels, getting to and from the airport to your destination, renting a car, booking extra tours or activities,” says Shelley Kohtz, Manager of Vacation Travel Services
Stay alert. Watch out for claims that appear too good to be true. If the deal seems cheaper than other booking sites, or is unavailable every- where else, that is a red flag of a scam.
  at Witte Travel & Tours, an accredited business with the BBB. “You can find a lot of those online, but sometimes you just don't know what you're going to get.”
For more ways to protect yourself from travel scams, go to TravelScam.
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  The BBB recommends these follow- ing steps to avoid being scammed:
If you or someone you know is a victim of a travel scam, report your experience at
Do your research. Work with companies you know and trust. Look
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