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Tips for Safety and Prevention at Home
By Kitty Knoll, Manager, Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center
 Family Enrichment Center Regional Resource 3 Team 415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Sharon Dewey
Foster Care Navigator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
 Happy June! The first month
of actual Summer. School is out and opportunities are opening across the state. The question to be answered is, what activities can we reasonably access considering our physical ability and financial resources? For those of us who are parenting for the second, even the third, time around, our energy and mobility levels leave us far out of the fast lane. And for many of us, an adequate income for retirement suffers when we add the expense of providing for growing children.
The Family Enrichment Center’s mission is to help kinship families with ideas and resources. Most of the bigger venues have motorized carts, but this is a pricier option, okay for a few sometimes, but out of the reach for most of us.
We will have some Binder Park Zoo tickets soon and we have pass- es to Frederick Meijer Gardens. Binder Park Zoo has motorized carts available by reservation for $50 with half refunded upon turn- ing in the cart. If this is a favored destination the most economical method is to purchase a season Grandparents Pass. The Potter Park Zoo is admitting families with a Bridge Card free on certain days. Check it out! Calhoun County has many parks along the Kalamazoo River. They are beautiful and
free. Consider the various venues around Battle Creek; many have reduced rates for Seniors.
We can also help with emer- gency food supplies and gas cards when supplies run low at the end of the month. We can help with referrals for clothes and certain furniture items as needed.
We are providing on-going training regarding issues with children placed outside their par- ent’s home. These can be accessed online through our Facebook (FEC Family) page.
We are having an open support group the first Tuesday of the month at Big Boy on Columbia Ave at 12:30pm. Lunch is on the Family Enrichment Center. It is another way to acknowledge and say ‘Thank you’ for the care and love you give to those precious children.
Please call or text Sharon Dewey at (269) 274-4077 for more info.
 There are a lot of “little things” you can do to prevent falls and stay safe at home. Falls are a big factor in hospitalizations and permanent, detrimental health issues. Here are some simple tips to make your home a safer place to be:
• No area rugs! Rugs require you
  to pick up your feet slightly, and eventually you may forget or be unable to do this.
• Keep cords away from walking areas. Put them behind furniture and against a wall.
• Install handrails. Use or install handrails on steps and slow down. Everything can be done at a modest pace.
are easier to reach there. Make room on a ledge or rack at the foot of your stairs instead. You are better off with empty steps.
• Watch out for your pet. Pets
and pet toys can add to fall potential. Move toys into a bin or other gathering area when not in use. Pets are great solace and comfort for many people but
• Let there be light! Turn on lights when entering a room. You may think you are saving energy and you can see, but
• Clear and fix up walkways. Walks are another area for attention when considering outside safety. Walks should be even and smooth. Cracks and uneven areas should be repaired. Keep walks free of debris too. Leaves, stems and rocks can be small items that can alter your gait and make you fall.
Staying active is a great way to keep yourself stronger and more flexible, but it’s important to consider safety factors during your activities. All the “little things” really do add up to big benefits when you consider the risks of falling at home.
 do watch where they are at in your home. Avoid stepping over them.
it is easy to miss obstacles in the gloom of a dark room. Pay attention to outside lighting at your home too. Make sure you change bulbs in light fixtures or have someone do this. Lack of lighting can make your home more attractive to those who might steal, as well as be a potential fall hazard.
• Keep your phone handy when you’re outside. Make sure you carry your phone when doing yard work, especially if you live alone. A handy pocket or gardening tote can work to store it in.
• Mark steps. Add a swatch of bright tape to steps, especially those in basement areas or outside where direct light is not always available.
• Clear clutter, especially on the stairs. Avoid leaving things on your stairs. It may seem like a no brainer, but many of us leave things on the stairs thinking they
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
The CareWell Kiosk provides health screenings, resource navigation, and other services for seniors.
  June Juneteenth Celebration July 18 at Claude Evans Park 19
1-4 Battle Creek Field of Flight
Barry County Fair Senior Day 17 Calhoun County Fair Senior Day
 For more information call (269) 441-0930 or visit

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