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Senior Times - February 2021
Gail Gallagher, Special to Senior Times
FEBRUARY 9, 10 & 11
Let’s start with checking your ears for shadows (wax)
If there are no shadows, then we can proceed with a
complimentary screening with consultation for
recommendations for appropriate technology!
will be available during this time.
If you are a current user we will clean and check your hearing instruments at no charge!
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laughing all night most every weekend at my house or her house. Our heart connection has grown stronger through the years, even in times of crying together.
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High school relationships continued to be special heart connections. Broken heart connections heal in time, but sometimes not forgotten. Let us tuck those memories away and remem- ber the best of those times. Special heart connections with friends can never be forgotten. Many continue for a lifetime.
But most important of all and what we can never overlook is our heart con- nection with the one who gave us His heart. One who has loved us with all His heart. How can we be grateful for such a gift? Why not give Him all our heart? No heart to heart connection is greater.
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Of course, I cannot overlook the lov- ing connections with my parents. My dad’s seemingly irritating times of teas- ing my sister and me were only ways
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for Seniors
By: Alisa Parker, Managing Attorney
Please call. The Legal Services of South Central Michigan-Battle Creek office will conduct interviews for legal advice and possible representation, without charge, OVER THE TELEPHONE to interested seniors who reside in Calhoun County. If you wish to speak with an attorney, please call (269) 224-5040, on one of the following days and times:
• Wed, Feb 3, 10:30am-12pm • Tue Feb 9, 2-4pm
• Wed, Feb 17, 9am-12:30am • Fri, Feb 19, 9am-12:30pm
Legal Services of South Central Michigan-Battle Creek office is a non-prof-
it organization, which provides high quality legal assistance, representation and education to low income people in Calhoun and Branch counties and seniors in St. Joseph, Branch, Calhoun and Barry counties. The Agency seeks to ensure that its clients are given equal access to the justice system.
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Where are your heart connections? When did they first occur? Are they still there? What is the most important heart connection you have?
Another special heart connection
is one that I made with a precious Canadian girl just living in the United States temporarily. My passport has multiple entries into Canada and her passport the same coming into the United States. Phone calls and letters have kept the connection going strong.
I am thinking my first heart connec- tion began in my earliest memories. Remembering when I snuggled with my grandmother, how she shared her spe- cial memories of growing up and how she continued to nurture the love we shared throughout her entire life.
It seems that some heart connections can be fleeting, although still important, while there are other connections that can continue for a lifetime. Meeting
the love of our life seems to be on top of the list, followed by our children. Holding that child close while looking into their eyes can be the most special love connection in our lives. Watching them return that love as they grow
from year to year is a rewarding heart connection.
of him showing how much he loved us. My mom’s continual busyness confused me, but I did not understand at the time that most of that busyness was for the family’s benefit.
Then there was the first schoolgirl crush I had in the second grade con- necting my heart to the cutest guy at the lunch table who ate two sandwiches every day. Junior high heart connec- tions came next with my nervousness on steroids about the guy in English in the second row who was on the base- ball team.
Then perhaps one of the most spe- cial of all love connections has got to be with the grand children. How can my heart hold so much love? It just is bursting with love for my little ones. God is so good to bless us with these precious heart connections. When
my grandchildren even say my name it just makes that heart connection grow stronger.
My friend from second grade and I continued to connect with one another as we had hilarious times of talking and

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