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By: Troy Huggett, Fitness Pros
  So many people today are struggling to find motivation.
Exercise Because – Life Will Be Easier
 It’s tough to find the motivation needed to get out of bed and into workout clothes. It’s even tougher to find the motivation to stick with a healthy eating plan.
Ever struggled to get out of bed and get on with your day? Exercising today can help that. Wonder why you always feel stressed out? Once you get in the gym this afternoon you’ll be able to shed the stress. Wish you had the sex drive that you seemingly lost a few years ago? Today’s workout will get you on the right track there as well. See a heavy couch that needs lifting? After spending time in the gym today, that couch will be ‘light as a feather’ tomorrow. In other words, exercise makes everything in life better, easier, and more bearable!
The chaos of 2020 is taking its toll on our minds and bodies, but there’s a way out. If you’re struggling to find motivation to get to exercise, allow these seven reasons to inspire you to get moving.
Exercise Because – Your Body Works
It may seem like an odd reason to work out, but the fact that you can work out ought to inspire you to do so. After all there are plenty of folks who have been affected by disease or congenital conditions that make working out impossible. If you are able to exercise, do it! Be grateful for every move- ment you make, be grateful and work to learn your body’s limits. In essence when you do this you’re giving your body a high five!
True, there are diseases that will attack you regardless of your fitness level. However, exercising regularly (starting today) is one of the best ways to build yourself up against all sorts of ailments and illnesses. From the common cold to corona- virus, exercise helps you avoid health issues and live a healthier, longer life.
Exercise Because – Your Body Will Surprise You
Exercise Because – Disease Can’t Handle It
all sorts of health issues, many of them life-threatening. So if you want to show love to family members who love you, you’ll need to work out regularly. Afraid your workouts will take away family time? Get up earlier or take your loved ones with you.
Some people meet goals. When you commit to getting in the gym today, you set yourself up to beat goals. Because once you reach your new bench-press or weight-loss goal, you move on to the next. Do this in the gym enough and it will start to happen in the rest of your life. Deadline at work coming up soon? No problem. Wish you could read more books? Consider it done. Ready to quit smoking? You can do it. All because you worked out today.
When you started on your exercise jour- ney, you wanted to change your body. But somewhere along the way you forgot about that healthy-looking body you desired early on. Well, guess what? It can still be yours. All you’ve got to do is get in the gym today and get back on the road to it. In six months, you’ll be amazed at how much healthier your body looks and how much more you enjoy being you.
Exercise Because – Your Family Loves You
It can be hard to keep working out in the gym every day if your loved ones aren’t into it. However, if you stick with it and trust your trainer, your loved ones may eventually want to join you in your exercise. Once they realize you’re seeing positive results, they won’t want to miss out. So by going to the gym today, you’re helping others be healthy!
Because you want to be around for years in the future, you need to exercise. As seen above, exercise is a great way to fend off
Call (269) 967-6300 or visit www.troyhug- to get started. Together we will get you to your goals once and for all.
Exercise Because – You Beat Goals
Exercise Because – Your Friends Will Join You
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