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 with time boosters for Td are needed every 10 years.
protection against 23 strains of pneumococ- cal bacteria.
shingles. Patients over 50 years who receive two doses of Shingrix separated by 2-6 months have over a 90% reduction in risk of developing shingles. In comparison, the live Zostavax vaccine is about 51% effective at preventing shingles. CDC recommends Shingrix as preferred over Zostavax, howev- er Zostavax can still be used in certain cases.
Due to recent significant increases in pertussis infections, there have been some outbreaks that have reached epidemic levels. It is important all adults receive at least one dose of Tdap to allow for protection against all three bacterial infections (tetanus, diph- theria, and pertussis). Adult’s ages 65 years and older are recommended to be given a single dose of Tdap if they have not previ- ously received one. One dose of Tdap per lifetime to is used to replace one of the Td booster doses.
Who should get this pneumococcal vaccine? The current vaccine is recommend- ed to all adults 65 years of age and older. In most cases you will only need one vaccina- tion in your lifetime.
Pneumococcal disease is caused by bacteria, which can lead to serious infec- tions in the lungs, blood, and brain. People sometimes call pneumococcal disease "pneu- monia." You can catch the pneumococcal bacteria from people who cough or sneeze around you. You are at greater risk for infec- tion if you are 65 or older, very young, have a weakened immune system, or have heart or lung disease. You can protect yourself against the serious types of blood and brain infections by getting vaccinated.
With the addition of PCV13 vaccine in the adult immunization recommendations, some folks may need to catch up in order to be current in their vaccine coverage. As we heard previously, how long you may need to wait to receive each one of the vaccines can be as long as a year. With this new schedule, it can be rather confusing on when is the right time to get each vaccine.
Everyone should have a copy of their immunization records readily available with this important information. If you are unable to locate your immunization records, you can work with your doctor’s office to complete an Immunization Assessment. Then you and your doctor can identify the immunizations that are appropriate for you. Based on what you need, your doctor may be able to pro- vide the immunization you need on that day.
The first pneumococcal vaccine that older adults should receive is the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine or PCV13. The vaccine protects against 13 different strains of pneu- mococcal bacteria. The vaccine is currently recommended for all adults 65 year of age
or older. Adults that are younger than 65, may need to receive this vaccine if they have weakened immune system from medications or certain health conditions.
Shingles usually includes a painful rash with blisters that can occur in a patch or a streak anywhere on your body, even the face and eyes. The main symptom of shingles is severe pain. Some will have severe pain
that can continue even long after their rash clears up.
Pertussis) and Shingrix (for Shingles) is a covered benefit under the Medicare Part D, administered thought your Pharmacy Benefit.
The second vaccine for protection against pneumococcal disease is pneumococcal poly- saccharide vaccine or PPSV23. This is the vaccine that we have been using for years to protect older adults from pneumococcal dis- ease. This particular vaccine provides
serious complications is to get vaccinated. You should get the shingles shot if you are age 50 years or older, even if you’ve already had shingles. It is possible to get the disease more than once. The vaccine available today on the market is called Shingrix. Shingrix, approved by the FDA in 2017, is a new safe and effective non-live vaccine to prevent
Shingles is a painful disease caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. It is also called zoster.
It may be helpful for you to know that the cost of many of the immunizations presented here are a covered benefit under your health plans.
• Tdap (for Tetanus, Diphtheria, and
It estimated that 30% of people who have been infected with chickenpox will develop shingles/zoster.
• The influenza (flu) and pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccines are covered under the Medicare Part B program, administered through your Medical Benefit.
  Although some medicines can help treat the symptoms of shingles, there is no cure. The best way to prevent shingles and its
Adults need to continue to keep their immunizations up to date. Being immunized against preventable diseases does not stop at childhood. Seniors should continue to be an example of good health. Important immuni- zations for adults against vaccine prevent- able diseases include: Influenza Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, and Shingles. To help you to determine what you need, ask your doctor which vaccines they would recommend for you.
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