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Page 28 Senior Times - October 2020
   only at draining the bank accounts of their residents.
Agency) board, the Farm Bureau board, the Marshall Community Foundation Grant review Committee, Township board of review, President of the local Gideon’s, and on the Family Bible Church board.
as opportunities for life-long learning. There has never been a greater time or need for what community colleges deliver.
I ask for your support, trust, and vote. God Bless!
My lifelong experience in business and leadership will help grow the rela- tionship between KCC and our com- munity. I operated a fourth-generation funeral business; served on the boards of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, Brass Band of Battle Creek, and the Lakeview Downtown Development Authority. I served in the U.S. Navy,
and I chair the Battle Creek Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee.
 Ron Smith (R)
Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner
I am a journeyman electrician having received my degree from KCC. I cur- rently work for the City of Olivet, which includes water testing, and sewer pond testing, and maintenance.
 I am running for Water Resources Commissioner (Drain Commissioner) for
T. R. Shaw Jr. (Non-Partisan) Kellogg Community College Trustee
  Calhoun County. My primary goal is to maintain the current drains and lakes using local contractors. I will respect the property rights of the landowners and use your tax dollars wisely without excess.
The time has never been better for community colleges.
I have lived my entire life in Calhoun County. I started farming while still in high school and currently farm more than 300 acres of corn and soybeans. My farm is MAEAP certified (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program). This program is proactive in preventing pollution. Indian Creek runs through my property so I am aware of the problems water can cause through flooding and erosion. I have also worked with the DEQ and DNR on several proj- ects. I am a former scuba diver with the Sheriff Department and am familiar with every lake in the county.
“essential jobs.” Community colleges are where essential jobs begin, from nurs- ing and public safety, to skilled trades, it’s the springboard for today’s essential jobs.
I am on the FSA (Farm Service
I hope to help raise awareness of the benefits of beginning an academic career here in our own community, as well
Note: Candidates comments are listed in alphabetical order in their own words.
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of
Please vote in the November election!
  That’s why I’m running for Kellogg Community College Trustee. It’s a non-partisan position with a huge impact on our community. Michigan is blessed with 28 community colleges supporting more than 365,000 students. KCC is one of the best.
  Wayne Kukuk
for Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner
Professional Experience and Education. Positive Results for ALL County Residents.
Over 40 years of experience in water and soil conservation, with degrees in agriculture (crops and soils) and hydrogeology.
Sound water resource management and protection
Fiscal responsibility in the management of water resources
Clean water for residents and businesses
Paid for by Committee to Elect Wayne Kukuk 2112 Division Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49015
         Write in Ron!
 Write in“RonHawkins”for
“I believe the ideal relationship between the Governor and the State Legislature is that which clearly recognizes each other’s Constitutional responsibilities and limitations, while maintaining an equitable working relationship.”
Consider sending mature leadership to Lansing AND WRITE-IN RON HAWKINS! • A JFK DEMOCRAT – NOT A SOCIALIST

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