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Senior Times - October 2020
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FOR Calhoun County
                                                                                                         AS YOUR PROSECUTOR
 Established Bad Check Program
 Established Cold Case Homicide Unit
 Established Economics Crime Unit
 Initiated a Canine Support Program
 Changed & Reduced Felony Plea Bargaining
 Advocated for Alternative Courts Including:
 Veteran’s Court
 Mental Health Court  Scram Program
 Advocated for continuation of Sobriety & Drug Court
 Remained under budget every year while increasing programs
Paid for by: Elect David Gilbert for Prosecutor21448 Marywood Trail, Battle Creek, MI 49017
 a Bachelor of Science degree in Crop and Soil Sciences from Michigan State University and a Master of Science degree in Earth Science from Western Michigan University, specializ- ing in Hydrogeology. I under- stand how water flows both on and below the surface of the earth.
Dave Morgan (R) State Representative 62nd District
 I have worked in various capacities as a farm manager, soil conservationist, soil sci- entist, and hydrogeologist. I have interacted with farmers, landowners, lake property own- ers, golf course managers, and school groups on soil and water education. Most recently, I’ve been a college adjunct instructor in Earth Sciences.
this great country and I refuse to stand by and watch as “peace- ful” protesters try and destroy
it. You will never hear me talk about defunding the men and woman in blue who put their lives on the line each and every- day for us. And as a United States Veteran and a proud American you will never see
Water is Life... I compre- hend water and its interaction in the environment. Proper man- agement of water resources in Calhoun County is very import- ant, whether the issue concerns surface water or groundwater. I will employ creative solutions to drainage, storm water manage- ment, and other soil and water issues with conservation and fiscal responsibility as major priorities.
me fail to stand and respect our flag. I served 11 years protecting our country in the Armed Forces and I will be honored to serve each of you as your next State Representative.
There is no arguing that our seniors built
We need to do everything in our power to keep our seniors not only safe, but also make sure their life savings are protected and able to last as long as possi- ble. I will fight for the elimina- tion of property taxes for seniors who have owned their homes for 15 years or longer, and reached the age of 65. I also will fight to put limitations on nursing home pricing with added protections to
prevent aggressive pricing aimed
Water Resources Commissioner
I have been a farmer for over 40 years and my farm is a MAEAP verified farm (environmentally friendly). I am familiar with every lake in Calhoun County, understand water/sewer
testing procedures and results, and understand the importance of our natural water resources and how they impact our local com- munity residents, business owners and farmers.
I have the support of the current Water Resources Commis- sioner and am endorsed by many township supervisors and the Calhoun County Farm Bureau.
As your next Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner I will:
   • Respect property rights of land owners
• Use tax dollars wisely, and without excess
• Protect water quality during operations
• Maintain current drains
• Use local contractors to execute water management projects
• Productively work with DEQ and DNR
 Paid for by Committee to Elect Ron Smith PO Box 93 49068
  Experience Matters!
          OUR Clerk Register
•Safe and secure elections
•Ongoing imaging of all records
•Exceptional customer service
Kimberly Hinkley has worked in the Clerk and Register of
Deeds office for eight years. She has also served for
15 years as the Eckford Township Clerk. A
dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced candi- date to effectively lead.
Visit me on Facebook @ Kimberly Hinkley for Clerk Register
ENDORSED BY: Retired Clerk & Register of Deeds, Anne Norlander The Calhoun County Farm Bureau • Right to Life Michigan-PAC
 Paid For By the CTE K.Hinkley Clerk Register 6612 23 Mile Rd. Homer MI 49245

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