Page 24 - Senior Times South Central Michigan October 2020 - 27-10
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Page 24 Senior Times - October 2020
The following come directly from the candiates. They are listed in alphabetical order.
Steve Frisbie (R) Calhoun County Commissioner 4th District
    Good Government!
a long-time member of the Pennfield Schools Educational Foundation pro- vides perspective! As an active leader within Miles for Memories, a Calhoun County group seeking to support patients and their families and caregivers for those with dementia even more perspec- tive is gained.
addressing what damages it the most. The vast majority of criminals in this county have a drug, alcohol, or mental health issue. Property crimes, robberies, home invasions, murders, and assaults are typically related to drugs, whether
The November General Election is
it be the need to pay for them, selling them, or taking them.
quickly approaching. The silly season of politics is in full stride!
My tenure as a Commissioner is filled with results that benefit citizens. We have a very strong fiscal position evi- denced by the county's AA bond rating. We set policies that keep us focused on the tasks at hand – good government.
Everyone is different. Sometimes
only incarceration works. Taking away the desire to break the law sometimes requires addressing the underlying issue. Taking away the reason people break the law will typically take away the desire to break the law, which is why I support our alternative courts, including drug, sobriety, mental health, Veteran’s and domestic violence courts; I have recent- ly began a juvenile diversion program
to help keep our kids from entering the criminal system.
Jim Haadsma (D) State Representative 62nd District
I’m Steve Frisbie, Calhoun County Commissioner from the 4th District (Bedford, Pennfield, and Convis Townships). I have been serving the cit- izens of Calhoun County in this position since 2010. I am again seeking your vote!
I will work hard to keep Calhoun County focused on its true mission, serving citizens.
When I say, “Serve,” I mean it! You and other citizens are the reason I have served and will continue if re-elected.
I am passionate about providing strong yet appropriate (as designed by the Constitution) government. You live with- in your means, government should as well.
David Gilbert (R) Prosecutor Calhoun County
    As a paramedic and vice president of LifeCare Ambulance, I understand the needs of seniors in our community. The value of seniors in our community in knowledge and wisdom is a resource I like to lean upon when seeking input on critical decisions ahead.
I have practiced crim- inal law as an assis- tant prosecutor, chief assistant prosecutor
Community involvement goes beyond my elected requirements. Having served as a volunteer firefighter; youth base- ball, basketball, and football coach; and
navigate challenges like unemployment compensation issues.
or defense attorney since 1988, being elected Prosecutor of Calhoun County in 2012. I changed the way plea bargaining was done in Calhoun County, particular- ly in felony cases. The idea is to get peo- ple to stop breaking the law by holding them accountable and upholding victim’s rights.
I’m Jim Haadsma and I’ve spent 36 years as
a lawyer fighting for workers, helping people
Protecting our community means
I’m focused on delivering for families in the legislature, too, especially in this time of economic and health crisis, help-
   Vote Tuesday, November 3rd for
Dave Morgan for State Representative!
I am committed to ensuring a safe, fair, and accountable government for senior citizens. You deserve the same rights
as every other American, and I will work hard to protect those rights. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time at (269) 274-4448. I look forward to meeting you and I’d be honored to earn your vote in November.
• Affordable healthcare • Lower cost of prescription drugs • Reform property tax for seniors
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