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Senior Times - October 2020Caregiver's
Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
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         It has been a long few months as I am sure most family caregivers would agree. With the changes in our world and not being able to get out as we normally would, life has been such a challenge to be creative with communi- cation and seeing others.
as creative as we can with our advice and what steps we believe you can take when you are providing care for others.
 This month I will take you on a jour- ney that my family has been walking for a few months (well actually years) now. My sister, Suzanne, who has had many health challenges for the past
The area that always suffers the most is the self-care for the family caregiver. Kacee was no different and neither are the others in my family who are the pri- mary caregivers. No matter how much we talk about the benefits of taking care of yourself FIRST, we are stubborn humans and think nothing will happen to us. What if it does happen, what if you do not take a break (physically and mentally) to recharge yourself?
18+ years has been mainly hospitalized since December 20.
She did get to be
home for a few
The biggest benefit that you will see is you will provide
 days; other than
that, it has been a
hospital or skilled
nursing facility.
What she did not
have, especially
since March, were
the visitors she
could normally
have. What she did
have was a family
caregiver who put
in endless hours of
maneuvering the ins
and outs of health care.
Her daughter, Kacee, who is mid-thir- ties, has been her main caregiver for years, no formal health care training but she has learned to take care of every medical form of care her Mother has needed. It was not just Band-Aids and making sure she ate, it was wound care, watching her heart, diabetic care, and the list goes on.
better care for the person you are
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   Suzanne was one of the members
of my family who has needed care. Someone who loved her beyond imagi- nation gave it freely. There were others as well. During this time of crisis, my family has had to split who could help in order to avoid spreading of germs to one another and those who, medically, were compromised. Kacee was a one in a million caregiver who made sure, even until Suzanne’s last day on earth, that she was cared for in the best way possible – even if it was through a window.
here, winter is around the corner, and we still have limitations for indoor activities available. I challenge each and every one of you to find a time for some self-care each and every week. Summer has not been the easiest on
you due to the state of our world, win- ter tends to be harder on us in normal circumstances, but you do have some control over what you can do to take care of yourself. For everyone involved, please take care of you!
I tell you this because I hear some caregivers and their frustrations and we, at Senior Health Partners, want you to know we hear you. We try to be
I am so very proud of the job my niece did in taking care of my sister. When the tough decisions came, as much as she hated it and felt bad, she did what was right for her Mother. She took care of herself so that she could have a better mindset when making decisions (another very important rea- son to make sure you are taking care of yourself).
Voting in Person
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Yes You Can
Local units of government received special funding this year to purchase personal protective equipment includ- ing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies to protect election workers and voters. Please remember to wear your mask and do your part by maintaining social distancing while you are at the polls.
• Student ID with photo, from a high school or accredited institution of higher education
Seniors who no longer drive can continue to use their expired driver’s licenses as photo ID at the polls.
* If you do NOT have one of these forms of ID, you can still cast a ballot at your polling place if you sign an affidavit called “Affidavit of Voter Not in Possession of Picture Identification.” So long as you sign that form, you can cast a ballot, and it will be counted with all the other ballots on Election Day.
Every city or township clerk is required to hold office hours to issue and receive absentee ballots for a total of at least eight hours on the Saturday or Sunday immediately before Election Day. Find your local clerk’s informa- tion at:
To all you family caregivers: fall is
Kacee – Job Well Done, so very proud of you! Suzanne – Rest well, always remembered & loved.
taking care of. Family caregiv- ing is not to a job
that is meant for just one person, it takes many. When
you think about the facilities and the care provid-
ed, there is more than one person assigned to every-
one because one person cannot do it
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OUR GOAL is to provide purposeful living solutions to persons who need assistance. The need may be long- term or short-term, medical care or day care.
Whatever the need, we can help.
• Long-term Skilled Nursing Home.
• 24-hour professional service to our residents.
• Short-term stays with rehab to home.
• Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services.
• Full Service Beauty Shop, Podiatry, and Dental services.
• Resident driven services.
• Activities, Music and Outings.
• Eden Alternative® Registered Community.
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      On Election Day in Michigan, the polls are open from 7am-8pm. You are entitled to vote if you are in line before the polls close. At the polls, every voter must EITHER show photo ID, OR sign an affidavit* attesting that you don’t have one of the acceptable photo IDs on Michigan's list, or that you forgot to bring it with you. Acceptable forms of photo ID are:
• Your driver’s license or state-issued
personal identification card
• U.S. passport or federal or state gov-
ernment-issued photo ID
• Military identification card with photo • Tribal identification card with photo

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