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                One day a woman was visiting her
Gail Gallagher, Special to Senior Times
I believe our influence as grandpar- ents can follow for many generations.
  What is the mysterious connection between grandparent and grandchild? What causes the unconditional love that is apparent in almost every grandpar- ent-grandchild relationship? How are values passed on from generation to generation? How do you measure that kind of generational influence?
grandmother, who asked her to go to the closet and bring out a package. As her grandmother carefully unwrapped the worn package, the woman’s heart raced within her. She knew by the tattered cover that it must be the daily journal of her great-grandfather her grandmother had referred to many times. She placed the journal in her granddaughter’s hands and smiled.
The grandparent-grandchild rela- tionship can last for decades. This can allow for great times of bonding and produce deep emotional ties for both. As grandparents tie the past to the pres- ent, and as family history is lovingly shared and passed down, it establishes deep sentimental roots for the grand- child and fulfills great purpose in the heart of the grandparent.
For several days, the woman gen- tly fingered through the old journal, absorbing and delighting in the words of her great-grandfather. By the time she had reached the last page she had grown to love and respect a man she had never met, a man she had never seen or had never held her in his arms. The daily activities he had shared about his life on the farm with his family, serving them, as well as his friends and community, touched her heart. Reading his words had shown her the heart of this man. It had shown her that he was a man of God who deeply loved his family and his community. That special mysterious bond had developed as she had read his very own words. Although they had never met face to face, they had met heart to heart. Thus, the influ- ence of a great-grandparent decades later...
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     We can never underestimate the influence of a grandparent on the life of a grandchild, nor can we ignore the effect that a grandchild has on the heart of a grandparent. We know that there
is a bond between the two that no one can understand, much less explain. It is a magical bond connecting two hearts forever.
Publisher’s note: If you did not start writing about your life in journals over the years you can still begin today. Have you seen the journals where you can write details intended for the eyes of your children or grandchildren? Pick one up and begin to write in it. Choose words intentionally of hope, challenges, goals, and dreams. Be sure to date the pages as life will clearly change over time but the intent is still the same. Help your grandchildren to learn more about you and your like. The nuggets of information can be priceless.
According to Arthur Kornhaber
and K.L. Woodward in The Vital Connection, “An infant who is seen and held by its grandparents imprints itself like a brand on the hearts and minds
of those grandparents no less indeli- bly than on its parents. Such moments are not only precious, their emotional impact ‘fixes’ them in the mind as last- ing memories.”
But I believe that we can go farther. I believe our influence as grandparents can follow for many generations.
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By: Tammy Pennington, Executive Director
Join us at the Barry County Commission on Aging (COA) October 9 from 2-4pm for a drive-in concert. Enjoy the mellow sounds of Eddie Francisco followed by the melodic percussion of Third Coast Steel. From a friendly pub to a warm island breeze, you can experience it all from the comfort of your own car! Please call
Phone: (269) 948-4856 320 W. Woodlawn Ave, Hastings, MI 49058,
(269) 948-4856 to register. Masks are encouraged and social distancing is required. Stay safe, be well, enjoy life.
Rain date is October 10; same time – same place.
The Barry County COA is located at 320 W. Woodlawn Ave, Hastings, MI, 49058. For more details call (269) 948-4856.
   Barry County COA
H- Sr. Group Fitness, 9:30am H- Move for Better Balance, 11 H - Painting Group, 1pm TUESDAYS
H - Train Your Brain, 1pm (Not the 20th)
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H - Meal Pick Up, 10:30-11:30am H - Iron Rails, 10:30am
H - Massage, 10:30-12pm FRIDAY, 9
H- Drive In Concert, 2-4pm (RSVP)
H- Parkinson's Support, 5:15pm
H- Board Meeting, 2pm
H - Alzh. Caregiver Support, 3:30pm
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