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  Empowering Lives, Guiding Futures
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Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services (Guardian) has been a trusted service provider in Southwest Michigan since 1966.As a 501( c )3 nonprofit corporation, our professional and compassionate staff provides a complete network of public fiduciary services to improve the lives of more than 1,200 clients each year.
Our core business has historically been in the court-appointed services of guardian- ship and conservatorship, though we also serve as representative payee, by appoint- ment of the Social Security Administration, andVA fiduciary, by appointment of the Veterans Administration.
Money Management Trust Management VA Fiduciary Guardianship
We are seeking to grow our services for the general public.These include trust management, financial power of attorney agreements, and money management programs, preventive offerings that can help people remain independent, avoid financial crisis, and prevent the need for court intervention.
We are a social enterprise driven by our nonprofit mission, and simultaneously working to maintain our successful business. Our services are supported
by client fees that are necessary to cover service costs, and our fee schedule is adjusted to accommodate each client’s ability to pay.
• Financial Power of Attorney • Special Needs Trust
• Representative Payee
• Conservatorship
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693 Capital Ave. SW, Unit #3 Battle Creek, MI 49015
                     GUIDING FUTURES
As adults, and especially as we age, it is important to think about who we would want to manage our affairs if
we were unable to care for ourselves
or make informed decisions. A spouse, child, family member, or close friend would typically step into this role, often aided by a power of attorney that lays out personal, financial, and health- care-related wishes.
A power of attorney can be general or specific as to the authority it gives. A few advantages include that:
• The document is inexpensive to
• You get to decide who you want to
• Consenting to and monitoring ser- vices, such as in-home care.
appoint to make decisions on your
• You control whether that appointed
• Annually reporting to the court on the condition of the ward or his or her finances.
agent has general or specific powers.
Disadvantages include that:
• Some financial institutions may
Some advantages of an appointed guardian and/or conservator include that:
• Clear legal authority is given to make
refuse to recognize a document after six months to one year, forcing you to continually update your power of attorney.
decisions on behalf of the ward.
• It provides peace of mind that the vul-
• The appointed agent could turn out to be untrustworthy, and there is no over- sight in the event that this occurs.
nerable adult has an advocate.
• The process provides court oversight.
Robert Copeland, CEO, Special to Senior Times EMPOWERING LIVES,
 Those who do not legally arrange for someone to manage their affairs and become unable to take care of themselves or make informed deci- sions, are more vulnerable to home- lessness, food insecurity, improper care, and exploitation.
Some disadvantages are that:
• The process can be humiliating to the
adult in question, as he or she must be deemed incompetent to have a guard- ian or conservator appointed.
• The incapacitated person does not get to choose his or her guardian.
 In these situations, the probate court may be asked (through a petition) to appoint a guardian or conservator (also known as “guardian of the estate”). A trusted family member or friend typi- cally takes this advocacy role.
• It can result in conflict between the incapacitated individual and the fami- ly member or friend appointed.
 Senior Fit & Fun
Safe Options to Get Moving
    Free Walking Clubs and Outdoor Exercise Classes
are available for adults 60 years of age and older in
Albion, Athens, Homer, Tekonsha, Battle Creek.
Nurse available to do blood pressures, blood sugars and answer your health questions. Funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage. Must pre-register. Masks and pre-screening required. Call 269.441.0948 for details.
Community Care Options
Free Services Funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage
• Care Planning and Home Safety Assessments •
• Referral and Linkage to Resources •
• Weekly Homemaking, Meal Prep and Limited Errands • • Medication set-up •
• Advance Care Planning •
                          A community partnership of Bronson Battle Creek, Calhoun County Senior Senior Services, Battle Creek Family YMCA, Senior Care Partners PACE and Summit Pointe
 Call (269) 441-0948 for Information
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Court-appointed guardians or con- servators may have the following responsibilities, depending on the extent of the individual’s incapacity:
• Determining where the ward will live
If you are a senior aged 60 years or older, living in Calhoun County, and earning an annual income below the 200 percent poverty line ($25,520) – or someone you know meets this descrip- tion – GFAS guardianship services
in the least restrictive manner.
• Providing consent for medical treat-
are covered by the Calhoun County Senior Millage. If you have an interest in learning more about our mission to bring dignity, safety, and stability to all those we serve, please visit our website at
ments including end of life decisions.
• Receiving income and paying bills.
• Applying for benefits.
• Managing financial, personal, and real
• It can be difficult if family or friends disagree on whom to appoint.
 It is important to understand that establishing guardianship removes considerable rights from an individual, or “ward,” and is only considered after alternatives – such as power of attorney – have proven ineffective or unavail- able. Those appointed to this role have duties of care toward their ward and must put their interests first.
In those situations where no family or friend is able or willing to serve, a professional guardian may be appoint- ed. Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services (GFAS), a local 501(c)(3) non- profit corporation, has been serving as a trusted public fiduciary since its found- ing in 1966 and advocates for approx- imately 500 individuals in a guardian- ship or conservatorship capacity each year. Its mission has always been to bring dignity, safety, and stability to all those served.
Center of Battle Creek
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Specializing In... Headache, Neck, Low Back Pain,
Hip & Leg Pain, Disc Problems, Scoliosis,
Sports Injuries, Auto Injuries, Nutritional Therapy, and Corrective Exercises.
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