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  As we move into the third quarter of 2020, I’d like to thank each of
you for your resilience during these difficult times in our society. Being the senior generation, we’re often the person in our family who the children and grandchildren come to for solace. Continue to be that one constant in your family’s life, and we’ll all get through this time together.
Before I discuss state budget issues, I’d like to thank caregivers across Calhoun County and through- out Michigan. Your unwavering work and your tireless effort the past six months caring for our most precious generation certainly deserves recognition.
While we have not seen eye-to-eye with the governor on many issues over the last several months, I am proud that we were able to come together on a bipartisan solution to help balance this historic mid-year deficit, all without raising taxes. These were not easy decisions to make, but by working together we were able to get it done.
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Senior Times - September 2020
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Peace of Mind
Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center
Providing support Monday-Friday, 7am-4:30pm so you can keep your loved one in their own home environment as long as possible.
• Care Conference meetings with Caregivers to discuss loved ones’ progress.
• Transportation, Nutritious Meal, and snacks.
• Variety of daily cognitive and physical activities, including music, art, and community outings.
• Full-time nurse providing medication management and medical monitoring. Our nurse works closely with your primary care physician.
• Full-time Certified Nurse Aides providing personal care including whirlpool baths, shaving and personal care.
• Pre-arranged Overnight Respite
• Restorative Therapy available.
• Full-service beauty shop and podiatry services available.
• Serving adults 18 years and older Monday - Friday, 7am-4:30-pm
• Financial assistance available to those who qualify.
Marian E. Burch is a department of Calhoun County Medical Care Facility since 1983.
1150 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 (269) 962-1750
State Senator, John Bizon, M.D., District 19
The state has faced unprecedented budgetary pressures this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent loss of jobs and economic downturn. By working together with the state House and the governor’s office, we were able to come to an agreement that prioritized critical areas of funding and solved the mas- sive deficit. The governor recently signed these bills into law.
One final note, now that the delayed income tax deadline has come and gone, are you waiting for a refund from the state of Michigan?
I was proud to support the biparti- san budget plan to solve our $2.2 bil- lion budget shortfall through spend- ing cuts, hiring freezes, and using
a portion of the state’s “rainy day fund.” The actions also direct federal COVID-19 relief funds to education and vital services that were hit hard- est by the virus.
You can check the status of your refund by visiting the following web- site: You’ll need your Social Security number, filing status, the appropriate tax year and your Adjusted Gross Income or Total Household Resources.
Please remain safe and healthy, and if you need any state services, contact my office at (517) 373-2426 and we will be glad to assist.
                                Grand Vista is a place seniors can receive the care and support needed to live fulfilling lives in a home-like environment.
Grand Vista Located in Coldwater & Marshall, Michigan Ph: 517-227-5225
 • Medication Management • 24/7 Pharmacy Services • Personalized Care Plans • ADL & IADL Support • Meals Services
• Housekeeping
& Laundry Services
• Daily Activities & Entertainment
• All Inclusive Pricing
 Family Owned & Operated
 for all your electrical, heating & cooling needs
                                        We install Eaton/Generac Generators
 We are
an authorized Generac Sales & Service Dealer
   269-963-7910 • 466 Main St. Battle Creek, MI • License # Electrical – 6112007 • License # Mechanical – 7103902

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