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   Memory Loss
requires specialized care.
Fortunately, that’s our speciality.
CARING for someone experiencing memory loss can be difficult. That’s why we employ experts who really understand and have a passion for caring for those who live with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.
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Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
When we look back at what 2020 has been, I know I am not alone to say this journey has been a once of a life- time experience and we are not done yet.
job. What if you had to do every job of the business? Even if you only had to do half – could you make it happen? And then, what if you were asked to pay for the supplies needed to carry out the mission of the business, out of your wages, and by the way, no reimburse- ment. Most of us would laugh and say no way.
I am so thankful to have a job that has continued during this time of crisis, but it has also brought to light so many other scenarios that we do not think of when we can be active and go about our daily lives.
I know not all family caregivers are created equal or even have the same situations but the jobs they are required to do is very similar.
In speaking with a Family Caregiver (well many actually) it has become clear that although we give some sup- port to caregivers, we do not give near enough. This article is for those who are supporting someone who is caregiv- ing for someone else.
PLEASE if you are supporting
a family caregiver just think for a moment what one thing you can do to help. No additional stress, just help.
  For those who are not providing the care, I want to give you just a glimpse – just a glimpse – of what their life may look like. You see, sometimes, it is easy to look at someone, especially if they are working from their home and think well it cannot be that hard. Unless we really walk in their shoes, we have no idea.
You could – bring them coffee; take the garbage out; bring in the mail; bring dinner one night; or offer to sit with
the person they are caring for and learn what is required to care for the person. We can all help each other and help
one another, if we take just a moment to imagine what they might be going through. Live a day in the life of a fam- ily caregiver, I truly believe you would change your whole viewpoint of what it takes, the strength required, both mental and physical, is likely more than you imagined.
For many family caregivers, the jobs they do for others, requires significant training and experience in “the real world.” They are: the CEO of the busi- ness, the nurse, the activities director, the housekeeper, the lawn care expert, the snow removal person, the personal aide to provide the bathing needed, the medication set-up and distribution, the chef (most of us get a little more picky as we age), the mail person, the finan- cial expert – day to day finances as well as long term financial decisions, the laundry engineer, and the list goes on. Are you exhausted yet?
To all of you family caregivers out there – THANK YOU! Your job is so complicated, physically exhausting, and the mental strength it takes does not go away. You are a Hero among Heroes and I am so blessed to be able to walk this journey with you.
If you are a Family Caregiver, feel free to contact me at (269) 986-3135 or email at aclark@seniorhealthpart- and we will see if there are services that might help you! We have many services and agencies willing to help!
Caregiver Support
So when I hear how family caregiv- ers, through their exhausted voices and with tears on their face, are treated it is heartbreaking. Think about your own
Be blessed and happy August.
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                               Books for Stress Relief
 Stress goes hand in hand with care- giving and wears down your health and well-being. Being able to sustain care- giving over the long term means using as many stress reduction methods as needed to keep yourself well. Try these books: 1. A Bittersweet Season: Caring for Our Aging Parents – and Ourselves, by Jane Gross
2. The Conscious Caregiver: A Mindful Approach to Caring for Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself, by Linda Abbit
3. The Caregiver’s Survival Handbook: How to Care for Your Aging Parent Without Losing Yourself, by Alexis Abramson
4. They’re Your Parents, Too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents’ Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy, by Francine Russo
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers: 101 Stories of Love, Sacrifice, and Bonding, by Joan Lunden and Amy Newmark
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