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Senior Times - July 2020 Page 3
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
  Given the choice, most of us will want
to live right where we have memories with friends and loved ones. But when challenges result that impact health and safety, looking
to alternative solutions and choices becomes a necessity. Maybe you are even considering a move for a loved one because you believe it’s time to give up their vehicle but are having difficulty with the decision. The good news
is that you do not have to make that decision alone.
Driver Assessment Section Michigan Department of State P.O. Box 30810
Lansing, MI 48909-9832
State is the responsible thing to do.
If driving privileges are revoked you can
Your letter must include the name, birth date, driver license number (if known), and current address of the driver being referred. In addition, the letter must describe an incident or pattern of behavior, or other evidence that justifies an evaluation. The request must also include your name, address, telephone num- ber, and signature.
help them to realize that they can transition to a fun and fulfilling life without a car.
 Driving does not equal mobility. Being without wheels does not need to spell isola- tion or giving up spontaneity.
 Michigan law authorizes the Department of State to reexamine a driver when there is reason to believe the driver may be unable
to operate a motor vehicle safely. It may range from vision and hearing, dexterity and mobility, and other medical conditions. The Department relies on information from law enforcement, medical personnel, Secretary of State branch staff, and concerned citizens, including family members, to identify unsafe drivers.
If the Department of State determines that a reexamination is necessary, the driver will be notified by mail. This notification will include the date, time, and location where the driver will report. Prior to receiving a Notice to Appear, the Department will mail a med- ical statement and/or vision statement to be completed by a physician or eye specialist, respectively.
The reality is that your loved one will experience a significant savings by retiring their vehicle, from upkeep and insurance to the cost of gas to fill the car. Selling, or donat- ing, their vehicle may generate additional dollars to help with resolving the feeling of becoming a burden to others.
The Department of State provides a form, called a Request for Driver Evaluation (OC- 88), that can be completed and submitted to the Driver Assessment Section to request a review of an individual's driving skills.
At the reexamination, the driver will be evaluated based upon the medical or vision statement, the completion of vision, road sign, knowledge, and on the road performance tests. A driver assessment analyst will deter- mine if licensing controls are necessary and
if it is necessary for the driver to appear for subsequent reexaminations. If needed, licens- ing controls may range from requiring special equipment and/or restricting driving times, to suspension or revocation of driving privileges.
ditional paid transportation options. Discover public transportation for a new adventure with friends. A list of transportation options can be found on page seven.
This form is available at your local Secretary of State branch office or online
at OC-88_16727_7.pdf. The OC-88 form will ask you for information about the driver and the incident or pattern of behavior that justi- fies an evaluation. You will also be required to include your name, address, telephone number and signature. This information will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law.
• Look for services that cater to those who are no longer driving such as hair stylists and doctors who make house calls, and grocery stores and pharmacies that deliver.
You may also write a letter to the Department of State at the following address:
if you are concerned for the safety of other highway users, a referral to the Department of
Publisher’s note: For additional information call the Traffic Safety Programs Division at (517) 335-7051 or reach out
to the Michigan Secretary of State at 888-SOS-MICH (888-767-6424) or
While reporting an unsafe driver may seem drastic, in some cases it may be the only
way to handle a serious situation. If you are concerned for the safety of a family member or friend who can no longer drive safely, or
driver to take you where you need to go, or on an adventure with friends.
Solutions to consider:
• Ask family and friends if they would be
willing to be a driver in exchange for a meal
• There are senior ride programs and other tra-
• Carpooling isn’t just for kids.
• Dollars saved could even allow you to hire a
   Providing services for veterans and their families.
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