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Senior Times - July 2020
                             Grand Vista is a place seniors can receive the care and support needed to live fulfilling lives in a home-like environment.
Grand Vista Located in Coldwater & Marshall, Michigan Ph: 517-227-5225
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Rev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior Times THANKFUL IN TROUBLE
 What are you thankful for? It really is a good question to ask in light of a world that appears to be unraveling in July 2020: With the continued pandemic threats, the collapse of the world econ- omy because of what now appears to be an unnecessary total shutdown of the economy and normal life of citizens. And now the honest protests that turned into riots in many large cities against our law enforcement community, verg- ing on wanting to eliminate many of
the protections of the individual that are part and parcel of our Constitution. And so with hatred and crime on the rise all you can say again is that the problems of this world are overwhelming!
both inside and outside of the church. There are wonderful things happening in the world of art and music that can and does lift your spirit and underscore the hope that you feel inside. All of these truly are “heaven on earth.”
But you know, this is nothing new. There’s always someone plotting evil against honest authority; there’s always government plunder and ineptitude; and there’s always imperfect people and even an imperfect Church.
And there are wonderful persons who are serving our Country, our State and our cities who daily serve in the military, law enforcement, and emergen- cy services who risk their very lives for the sake of others in crisis.
- Serve Others -
 Jesus knew this was part of the human condition and said there would always be this trouble in the world... But, he said this in the same moment, “But take courage, because I have overcome the world.”
So when you celebrate this month
by watching a parade (live or virtual), having a picnic, or just a quiet thank you in contemplation, remember it’s all made possible by the One who came first to serve and showed us the way, and for the ones you can’t see with your eyes because they’re already in heaven, or serving on some foreign shore, or waiting to serve when the emergency strikes. You might not be able to see them with your eyes, but your heart knows the truth. Their lives made and make a difference. And yours does too when you commit to serving others.
~ John 16:33
 I believe this is where we have a key to living in the imperfect world: Hope.
In spite of everything that is going wrong, I’m writing this column to remind you that there still is hope! There is a Bible you can read that is loaded with promises of hope. There are people who are acting out their love
Faithfully yours, ~ Jim Gysel
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