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      This is the drug with the ability to switch on one’s own immune system. The amazing thing is that the drug is based on a generic medicine that is currently available. Doctors are using that generic medicine in many of the patients currently being treated for their
Together, with your physician you can make the best choices for you or a loved one.
State Senator, John Bizon, M.D., District 19
We are now in the midst of a COVID-19 virus epidemic that threatens both the lives of our residents and the economy of the nation. But there is much to bring optimism.
Doctors typically give this medication
in very small doses over an extended period of time. To get the effect of turning on the immune system, one very large dose must be given orally or by feeding tube, accord- ing to the researchers.
There are, on the horizon, many new pathways to testing not only if you have the virus, but also if you previously had the virus. Without these tests, the medical and public health communities have been handicapped in their attempts to control the infection.
The parent molecule, dexamethasone, was developed in the late 1950s and came to the market in the early 1960s. It has side effects, mainly minor, and is approved by the FDA for use by doctors now, even in the higher dosages required to trigger the immune system response.
In addition, there are many new medi- cations being tested. One in particular has caught my attention because it is reported to turn one’s own immune system on.
We could wait for the blessing of the federal government to approve this drug for use, waiting the weeks or months for that approval. Or we could use the generic med- icine now with no additional paperwork or trials.
A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Sen. Lana Theis of Brighton asked me to talk with Dr. Edward Loniewski, an ortho- pedic surgeon who had contacted her on a medical issue.
If you have family members who are very sick with the virus, please consid-
er asking your doctors to consider this approach, or to consider using some other “off label” medicines, such as hydroxy- chloroquine with or without azithromycin, anti-viral drugs, the polio vaccine, the mea- sles vaccine, or immune builders like inter- feron.
Dr. Loniewski has been doing some tri- als on stem cells with a group out of Seattle, Washington called AVM Biotechnology. Their founder and lead researcher, Dr. Theresa Deisher, along with her team,
have been working on a medicine labeled AVM0703. The drug is now in trials to obtain Food and Drug Administration approval for use in this epidemic.
This is not a time to wait on the fed- eral government when so many lives are hanging by a thread and could be saved by action now.
COVID-19 infections, especially when they are hospitalized.
Joanna Stelloh Phelps, Special to Senior Times
We are all staying in and enjoying the comforts of our homes, but it can present some challenges in the cooking department. Since we are not going to the grocery, let’s get creative with the cans, boxes, and freez- er to make casseroles! Following is not so much a recipe, but a formula to create end- less possibilities.
Choose one (or two) items from each category:
(a microwave packet makes it quick); or canned cubed potatoes, drained
Sauce: (Use 1 cup): cream of chicken, mushroom, celery, potato tomato, or ched- dar soup; or nacho or queso dip (you can add some mayo, milk, or lemon juice)
Add-Ins: (Use 2 tablespoons) diced celery, onions, water chestnuts, olives, pimentos, green chilies, or shredded cheese
Toppings: Crushed potato chips, fried onions, flavored crackers, slivered almonds, crushed corn flakes, or shredded cheese
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a medium-sized casserole dish; set aside. Mix all ingredients except topping in a large bowl and spread into prepared dish. Cover with foil and bake about 30 minutes, remove foil and add topping and continue to bake another 10-15 minutes or until top is lightly browned and casserole is bubbly. Let sit five minutes before serving.
Protein: (Use one half pound) ground beef (browned, drained, and seasoned); cooked rotisserie chicken, or cubed turkey, diced ham; or canned tuna, salmon, or chicken
Vegetables: (Use one cup) any favorite frozen veggie, thawed and drained; any canned veggie, drained; or leftover fresh veggies
Starch: (Use about 1-1⁄2 cups) cooked pasta of all shapes and sizes; cooked rice
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