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Aaron D. Edlefson, Special to Senior Times
Memorial Day is a day filled with quiet, somber reflection. People across the nation gather in cemeteries to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their county. They gather to remember the broth- ers and sisters-in-arms who they’ll never again laugh with. They gather
to remember mothers and fathers who will never again hug their children. They gather to remember aunts and uncles with whom birthdays can never again be shared.
For many, whose comrades will never be forgotten, Memorial Day serves as a kind of conduit to the past that allows memories and stories to be kept fresh so that they are not dulled by the passage of time.
 Thank God For The Brave
  Remember Our Heros This Memorial Day
                    223 North Bedford Rd. Battle Creek, MI 49037
Pre-planning is a gift to your family.
                                      to misty-eyed gazes and arms around shoulders.
Even if we can’t gather together as we traditionally have, we must still remember. We must remember the deaths of those who died while serving our country. We must remember their lives. We must remember their fami- lies. We must remember the places they occupy in the fabric of our American heritage. We must remember their con- tribution to our indomitable American spirit. That spirit has carried us through crises before and it will help carry us through this one.
In our office, above one of the doors as you leave, are printed words that echo a sentiment of that spirit. “Never give up.” The words are printed small, more of a whisper than a shout. It’s a confident proclamation that we will overcome.
   For some, Memorial Day gatherings serve as a valuable part of their healing process or as a coping mechanism.
Those who have died in service to our county never gave up. Their sacri- fice, the last full measure of their devo- tion, should never be forgotten. This month, pause and take time to remem- ber those who, through their sacrifice, paved the way for our indomitable spir- it and unyielding hope.
 As I am writing this it is unclear
if those gatherings will take place. If they do take place they almost certainly will not look as though they have in
the past. People will have to maintain their distance from one another. They won’t be able to share those hugs
and handshakes that have become so engrained in our culture. They won’t be able to break bread with one another. They won’t be able to share stories face-to-face that start with laughter and back-clapping, but eventually turn in
If you have any questions regarding benefits for Veterans or their families, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Currently, the best method to contact us is by e-mail at va@calhouncountymi. gov. If you are unable to contact us via e-mail, you can call the office at (269) 969-6734. Be safe and please take care of one another.
    Mental Health
Impacts of COVID-19
    Probate Elder Law Estate Planning
 Phillip E. Harter
Erin L. Majka Diane K. Peters
    395 S. Shore Drive, Suite 205 • Battle Creek, MI 49014 • (269) 963-3900
Provided By: Summit Pointe
How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact my mental health? COVID-
19 has changed all of our lives, in many ways we did not even know was possible. This brings forth new chal- lenges as well as opportunities for us all. Some of these challenges include protecting our mental health through- out these fearful and often isolating times. As an older adult, you may face unique challenges, as compared to oth- ers, as our community continues our attempts to minimize the impact of this disease.
Mature adult challenges include, being at higher risk of infection, increased experiences of stress and anxiety, potential loss of friends and loved ones, as well as prolonged isola- tion as we maintain social distancing practices.
How will I know when it is impact- ing me? The best thing you can do
to help yourself navigate these times while also maintaining your mental health is to be proactive and be aware of how you or others are experienc- ing the current health crisis. To be proactive, start assessing your rou- tines, connections, and things that are meaningful to you. Be sure to continue those that remain possible, for those that are not, see if alternative options would be accessible to you. Set up a schedule to be in touch with others throughout this time, we often feel
the need to sacrifice our time so oth- ers can focus on what we perceive as important tasks, however your mental health is important and should be a priority. For awareness, pay attention to any change in your behavior, this
may include excessive worrying, feel- ings of panic, or difficulty focusing. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms reach out to a mental health professional. They can assist
in developing skills to navigate these difficulties and provide connectedness, from the comfort of your home.
What can I do? Stay connect-
ed. Find ways to safely participate
in groups or community activities through alternative means of con- necting with others, including virtual public meetings, religious meetings, social groups, and virtual cards or bingo. Work with family, friends, and community to set up opportunities to communicate, ideally this should be on a set schedule throughout the week.
 Stay informed. Engage your local media and agency information to stay up to date on the status of operations within Calhoun County as well as assure you follow health and safety precautions as recommended by local, state, and federal agencies. Some local resources you may seek include CareWell Services of Southwest Michigan, Calhoun County Senior Services, and Senior Services Inc. Contact information can be found on page eight (8) of this issue.
 Act early: As soon as you notice you may be struggling or having a hard time, reach out and speak with a professional to see what you may be able to do to support yourself and your loved ones.
For more information:
Summit Pointe (269) 966-1460. 24-Hour Crisis 1-800-632-5449 NAMI – Calhoun County
(269) 962-1762

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