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Senior Times - March 2020 Caregiver’s CORNER
The Village of
130 East Columbia Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49015
You're Invited To An
Open House
Thursday, March 19, 3-6pm
Light refreshments and tours of the building will be provided.
I recall when I started working in aging services, the language was com- plicated enough but then depending on what area a person worked in, the same word meant something different. The term caregiver for example is one some use for a person who may be coming into your home or room (if in a facil- ity) to provide non-medical services,
it could be the family member who is providing the care to a person, or it can even be the person who is being paid to provide services. I had to use differ- ent terms to wrap my mind around the different individuals so if it is someone being paid to provide a service, I use care provider, and caregiver to me real- ly is the person who is not being paid
- that unsung hero who is giving their time without payment.
Please keep in mind these terms people use can be different depending on who is using them and can get very complex with each situation, person, health condition, and financial issues, and these are just two. Then add-in a caregiver contract to protect yourself, guardians (limited, full, or temporary), authorized signer, financial power of attorneys, and some are only really in affect if the person has been deemed unable to make their own decisions. Are you confused yet?
Mill Creek A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY A Mission of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
Stacey Lott
Attorney at Law
Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
Estate Planning & Elder Law
Sometimes as a family caregiver, the journey can be so complicated and overwhelming. When that occurs I like to advise people to step away from a situation, take three deep breathes, and make a list. You see, it is like any other goal, project, dream, etc. that we may have; there are so many parts to it that by taking one-step at a time our atten- tion can become more focused.
Veterans Preference For Qualified Applicants. Call today for details.
Make sure when you, as the family caregiver, understand what your role is in regards to care and legally. As the family caregiver, your role should be whatever is in the best interest of the person, but you have to protect your- self as well.
• Secure entry with cameras throughout the property.
• Small pet friendly
• Individually controlled heating and cooling
• Planned monthly resident activities
• Easy elevator access to both upper floors • Library with computers available
• Barrier-free apartments available
Advocate is another term that people use differently. There is the legal medi- cal power of attorney, patient advocate or others just use advocate. This can
be anybody (and many times is just a friend) who has offered to transport you. An advocate can be a second voice to help with questions, concerns, thoughts – another set of eyes and
ears to process any information you
are given, and sometimes it is speak- ing up for a person when they cannot seem to do it themselves. The Medical Power of Attorney or Patient Advocate is someone who has signed that they
The job you are doing can be com- plicated; by protecting yourself, it takes away one area of worry. If you have questions or concerns about being the family caregiver, please feel free to reach out to me at (269) 986-3135 or email at aclark@seniorhealthpartners. com. Together we can help you to con- nect with the right resources, agencies, and find help!
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Happy March!
Curb to Curb Transportation  Half Fare for Handicapped & Senior Citizens Over 60  Weekly Subscriptions Available  Equipped for the Handicapped  Open Seven Days a Week
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Over 97% of rehabilitation patients stated they would recommend us to family and friends. Specializing in short-term inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, 24-hour skilled memory and long-term care. 269-945-2407
will speak and make sure your wishes are honored if you are unable to speak for yourself. The Medical Power of Attorney can be different between the medical field and the mental health field. Some physicians will honor your request to share information with this person and allow them to speak for you but when it comes to mental health code, this designation has to be very specific. Mental Health Code protects the privacy of the person they are pro- viding services to so it is important that we are aware there is a difference between the medical field and the men- tal health field.

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