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Senior Times - March 2020 Updates On Your
Vonda VanTil, Special to Senior Times
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Senior Citizens
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        Social Security and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continue to receive reports about fraudulent phone calls from people falsely claiming to be Social Security employees. The scammers mislead victims into making cash or gift card payments for help with purported identity theft, or to avoid arrest for bogus Social Security number problems.
and people should just hang up. Generally, the agency mainly calls
People should also be on the lookout for a new version of this scam. Fraudsters are now emailing fake documents in attempts to get people to comply with their demands. Victims have received emails with attached letters and reports that appear to be from Social Security or the OIG.
The letters may use official letterhead and government jargon to convince victims they are legitimate; they may also contain misspellings and grammar mistakes.
Social Security will not:
• Tell you that your Social Security number
Be Alert
Social Security may call you in some situations but will never:
• Threaten you
• Suspend your Social Security Number • Demand immediate payment from you • Require payment by cash, gift card,
pre-paid debit cared, or wire transfer
Be Active
Protect yourselft and your friends and family!
• If you receive a questionable call,
just hang up and report the call
• Learn more at • Share this information with others
people who have recently applied for a Social Security benefit, someone who is already receiving payments and requires an update to their record, or a person who has requested a phone call from the agency. If a person is not in one of these situations, they normally would not receive a call from the agency.
has been suspended.
• Contact you to demand payment.
• Ask you for credit or debit card numbers
over the phone.
• Require a specific means of debt repay-
ment, like a prepaid debit card, a retail
gift card, or cash.
• Demand that you pay a Social Security
  debt without the ability to appeal the
105 Capital Ave., NE • 269-962-5527 •
                                            The new PSA addressing the telephone impersonation scheme is available online at
amount you owe.
• Promise a Social Security benefit approv-
Social Security employees do occa- sionally contact people – generally those who have ongoing business with the agen- cy – by telephone for business purposes. However, Social Security employees
will never threaten a person, or promise
a Social Security benefit approval, or increase, in exchange for information or money. In those cases, the call is fraudulent
al, or increase, in exchange for informa- tion or money.
If there is a problem with a person’s Social Security number or record, in most cases Social Security will mail a letter. If a person needs to submit payments to Social Security, the agency will send a letter with instructions and payment options. People should never provide information or pay- ment over the phone or Internet unless they are certain of who is receiving it.
Tibbits Volunteer of the
   MARCH 3
Balance Testing and
Lunch and Learn
• Senior Care Partners-PACE, 290 B Drive N, Albion
• Balance Testing, 11am-noon and 1-2pm
• Educational Program and Lunch, noon-1pm
Improving Balance
& Reducing Falls
Homer Public Library, 10:30am
CHANGES to Senior Fit and Fun Schedule
Mondays, 10-11am beginning March 2 the class that has been meeting at Trinity Neighborhood Center will return to the Kool Family Center. Wednesdays, 10-11am. The class at Trinity Neighborhood Center remains unchanged.
Matter of Balance
Fall Prevention
8 sessions, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-3pm
Getting the Most from
Your Annual Physical
• Lunch and Learn with Samantha Grundemann, PA-C
• Trinity Episcopal Church, Marshall, 11:30am-1pm
Light housekeeping, meal preparation and other assistance to help you remain at home. Free to residents of Calhoun County 60 years of age or older who meet income and health requirements. Call to schedule a home visit by our nurse.
Ashenfelter and her husband Matt have volunteered at Tibbits for the past four
Ashenfelter loves volunteering with Tibbits. She says, “When I walk into this great building I am in awe every time. The entry and basement history timelines are phenomenal, and the staff is great!”
Month: Kim Ashenfelter
By: Tirsha Odisher
Tibbits volunteer Kim Ashenfelter
has been named Volunteer of the Month for the histor- ic theatre.
grandchildren. Along with volunteering for Tibbits Summer Theatre, their sum- mer revolves around grandkids’ skiing, tubing, and boating when they visit.
 years. They initially got involved when a friend asked them to volunteer with her.
The Volunteer of the Month is chosen by Tibbits staff.
When she’s not volunteering at Tibbits, Ashenfelter is kept busy with her 23-year career as an office manager at a family physician’s office, and by spend- ing time with her family. She and Matt have three daughters, one son, and nine
Tibbits is always looking for more volunteers in a variety of areas from the gift shop to planting flowers. For more information call (517) 278-6029 or box- Tibbits Opera House is located at 14 S. Hanchett Street in Coldwater.
                           For referrals call us at 269.365.6366 879 E Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
or injury.
Let us help you piece together the puzzle after sudden illness
      Recover. Rejuvenate . Revitalize . Return Home .
                                                              A community partnership of Bronson Battle Creek, Calhoun County Senior Senior Services, Battle Creek Family YMCA, Senior Care Partners PACE and Summit Pointe
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