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Senior Times - July 2018 Advance Care Planning
Have the Conversation Before the Crisis
By: Hilary Kerr, Bronson Advance Care Planning Specialist
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Freshstart® Smoking & Tobacco Cessation
Tuesdays & Thursdays, July 10, 12, 17 & 19, 2 to 3:30 p.m. Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center
300 North Ave., Battle Creek
Free. Are you ready to live tobacco-free? This program will help prepare you to quit smoking and tobacco use. Registration is required and you must attend all sessions. To register, call
(269) 341-7723 or visit
American Lung Association Better Breathers Club
Thursday, July 12, 1:30 to 3 p.m.
Bronson Battle Creek Outpatient Center, 2nd floor, Conference Room C, 300 North Ave., Battle Creek
Free. Diagnosed with COPD or another chronic lung disease? Join us to learn ways to better manage your illness while receiving support from others who share in your experiences.
Enlarged Prostate Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Friday, July 13, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Burnside Senior Center, 65 Grahl Dr., Coldwater
An enlarged prostate is a common condition, especially in older men. As men age, urinary symptoms increase. The urinary issues associated with an enlarged prostate can range from inconvenient to life-disrupting. Join us to learn more about causes, symptoms and treatment options available. Free. Registration required. Call (517) 279-6565 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or visit
Start dates and times vary, call for details.
Bronson Bariatric & Metabolic Specialists
7901 S. 12 St., Portage
Let’s lose some weight together! This new 20-week lifestyle counseling program is designed to help you develop new, healthier eating and physical activity habits while providing you with the tools to continue your progress once you complete the program. Includes counseling with a dietician, psychologist and exercise physiologist. No physician referral needed. $499. For more information, or to register, call (269) 341-8900.
Path to SuccessTM
Start dates and times vary, call for details.
Bronson Bariatric & Metabolic Specialists
7901 S. 12th St., Portage
This 12-week medically supervised weight management program focuses on reducing hunger, controlling cravings, and increasing energy levels. The reduction in hunger and increased energy allows for rapid, safe and sustainable weight loss. Requires a referral from your provider and requirement to meet with our providers throughout the program. $599, includes a starter kit of Celebrate nutrition products and free body composition analysis. For more information, call (269) 341-8900.
What if, today, on the way home, you have a serious car accident or med- ical event that affects your ability to communicate in a meaningful way. You are transported to the hospital, but do not know who you are, where you are, and what is being done to treat you.
• Will anyone know who to call as an emergency contact?
• Will your loved ones know what med- ical treatments you would or would not want done? Would they agree on treatment options?
• Do you have an advocate - one person you trust who you want to be your voice?
• Have you discussed your end-of-life preferences with family?
• Do you have your goals of care wish- es in writing and the document dis- tributed so it would be easily accessi- ble?
If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, now is the time to start to a conversation with your loved ones.
Understanding Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives Advance care planning is a process of personal reflection and communication. It is a time for you to evaluate your val- ues and wishes, and to let people know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future if you are ever unable to speak for yourself. It means having discussions with family and friends, especially your patient advocate – the person who will speak for you if you cannot speak for your- self. It may also include writing down your wishes, and talking with your cur- rent healthcare providers.
An advance directive is a legal docu- ment that states who you would want to make medical decisions and what your end-of-life wishes are if you are unable
to make medical decisions on your own. The document is free to complete. You may never need to use the plan – but if you do, there is peace of mind knowing that it’s there for you and your loved ones.
Those who have participated in advance care planning conversations are significantly more likely to have their decisions understood by their patient advocates, and three times as likely to have their wishes followed. Family and friends are more satisfied with the care, have decreased emo- tional stress about difficult decisions, and have less complicated grief fol- lowing the death of their loved one.
Steps for Advance Care Planning:
1. Decide – Think about who you would want to make medical deci- sions if you could not. Carefully consider your values to determine the unique end-of-life treatments you would or would not want.
2. Discuss – Talk to your patient advo- cate(s) about your personal values.
3. Document – Complete an advance directive document.
4. Distribute – Make the document available to both family and your healthcare providers.
5. Update – Review your advance directive and have new conversations with life changes.
Who will speak for you? Give your family the gift of knowing your choic- es. Take action and start your advance care planning today. Bronson offers specially-trained facilitators to help you plan for your future. For more informa- tion, call (269) 341-8778 or visit bron-
Senior Day At
By: Pat Fosdick
Come join us for Senior Day at the Fair Wednesday, August 15 sponsored by Senior Times of South Central Michigan and Calhoun County Senior Services. We will be located at the Community Tent from 9am-1pm.
The day will start with donut holes and coffee an end with the honoring
of our Senior King and Queen at 1pm. They will get the royal treatment with their own sash and flowers. The winners are simply the oldest man and woman at the fair that day. But you must be present to win.
We are offering a prepared lunch, at no charge to seniors and volunteers that are pre-registered. Please let us know you’re coming by August 10 by calling (269) 979-1479.
Participants will also enjoy ice cream, BINGO, drumming, blood pres- sure checks, and fun giveaways as well.
Entry cost for seniors is free but we need to know you’re coming and how many will be joining us for lunch. For questions or reservations for lunch, please call (269) 979-1479.
We hope to see you at the Calhoun County Fair on August 15!
The Fair
Bringing New Life to Senior Living
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