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Senior Times - July 2018
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Safety first – we hear this so often as family caregivers and it’s meant in many different ways. Safety for your physical health, your mental health, safety for the person you’re caring for; safety for yourself... safety, safety, safety. And guess what we’re going to discuss... safety!
This is about safety as it relates to your surroundings and making sure we’re really paying attention. I believe as family caregivers
we get so exhaust-
ed we sometimes
lose sight of what’s
right in front of us.
Recently I spent
many minutes (it
felt like hours)
looking for my
cell phone, which I knew I had had. The search continued throughout
the morning when a co-worker
finally said let me call it and (seri- ously) I had looked at it multiple times and had never “seen” it. So
just imagine how that could be when you’re providing care for someone else and you’re tired and exhausted – how many things do we miss?
As I listen to those who are caring for others whether it’s paid or unpaid, safety comes up.
I truly believe that no matter what, your safety has to come first because if something happens to you, as the care provider, what hap- pens to the person you’re caring for?
And now think about what’s hap- pening in our community lately, we have people being robbed in broad daylight, houses being broken into, and elders being awakened in the
very early morning hours. These are scary times whether you are caring for someone or not. Seriously though, are you paying attention to what’s going on around you? Some say get a dog, get a gun but honestly I think there’s far more to your safety than that.
What do you do? Are you watching what’s going on around you and how do you do that? Do you see vehicles driving by slowly; are they stopped in “weird spots” like off to the side of the road, vacant parking lots, in front of houses that typically don’t have vehicles parked in front of them? And if you see this what do you do? As with most of society, we ignore it. It’s not our business, they must
suddenly have company – whatever
the excuse is, we typically ignore unusual circumstances around us. Now I’m not saying we need to be involved in everything around us or be a busy body but I am saying, pay attention to what’s happening around you. There may be warning signs that we don’t want you to miss. And this isn’t meant to scare you either; it’s just saying pay attention – and when we’re tired that’s very hard to do. Our mind and body just get overwhelmed from all the duties and tasks we are
managing every day. I ask you: How
are you keeping your mind clear and your body
strong? Are you eating healthy, getting proper
nutrition (yes you can still have ice cream just not the whole contain- er), and taking
your medications correctly so your
health condition is being managed?
Are you exercising and taking care
of your physical well-being? Are you taking a break and letting your mind rest? There are many different topics regarding keeping our body, mind, and spirit sharp!
A few different ways we at Senior Health Partners can help are through our support group, our exercise pro- grams, and our Community Care Options program. We have a list of
14 different classes we conduct that are free and open to the public – and if the person you’re caring for can join in please bring them with you. There are 15 different types of sup- port groups we have access to that help with life’s journey and we have
a Community Care Options program that offers different support such as two hours of housekeeping a week for those who meet the requirements.
These are just a few ways you can work towards feeling physically bet- ter, mentally better, and helping your spirit to remain calm. If you are inter- ested in more information please con- tact us at (269) 441-0948 or aclark@, visit us on Facebook at Senior Health Partners of Battle Creek, Michigan or through our website at
Please remember we are all in this journey together and we need to watch out for each other. Stay safe and more importantly take care of you because you do amazing work!
Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
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