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Senior Times - July 2018
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Is your medicine cabinet full of expired drugs or medications you no longer use? Your medicine is for you. What’s safe for you might be harmful for someone else. You can dispose of your expired, unwanted, or unused medicines through a drug take back program — or you can do it at home.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sponsors National Prescription Drug Take Back Day in communities nation- wide. Many communities also have their own drug take back programs. Check with your local law enforce- ment officials to find a location near you or with the DEA to find a DEA- authorized collector in your commu- nity. You can also check with your pharmacist. Some pharmacies have mail-back programs and disposal kiosks for unused medicines.
There are two ways to dispose of medicine, depending on the drug.
1) Flushing medicines: Because some medicines could be especially harmful to others, they have specific directions to immediately flush them down the sink or toilet when they are no longer needed.
How will you know? Check the label or the patient information leaflet with your medicine. Or consult the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s list of medicines recommended for disposal by flushing.
2) Disposing medicines in house- hold trash: Almost all medicines can be thrown into your household trash. These include prescription and over- the-counter (OTC) drugs in pills, liquids, drops, patches, creams, and inhalers.
Follow these steps:
1) Remove the drugs from their original containers and mix them with something undesirable, such as used coffee grounds, dirt, or cat litter. This makes the medicine less appeal- ing to children and pets and unrecog- nizable to someone who might inten- tionally go through the trash looking for drugs.
2) Put the mixture in something you can close (a re-sealable zipper storage bag, empty can, or other con- tainer) to prevent the drug from leak- ing or spilling out.
3) Throw the container in the gar- bage.
4) Scratch out all your personal information on the empty medicine
packaging to protect your identity and privacy. Throw the packaging away.
If you have a question about your medicine, ask your health care pro- vider or pharmacist.
Some prescription drugs, such as powerful narcotic pain medicines and other controlled substances, have instructions for flushing to reduce the danger of overdose from unintentional or illegal use.
One example is the fentanyl patch. This adhesive patch delivers a strong pain medicine through the skin. Even after a patch is used, a lot of the med- icine remains. That’s why the drug comes with instructions to flush used or leftover patches.
One environmental concern involves inhalers used by people
who have asthma or other breathing problems, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read handling instructions on the labeling of inhal- ers and aerosol products. These prod- ucts could be dangerous if punctured or thrown into a fire or incinerator. To properly dispose of these products and follow local regulations and laws, contact your trash and recycling facility.
Some people wonder if it’s okay to flush certain medicines. There are concerns about the small levels of drugs that may be found in surface water, such as rivers and lakes, and in drinking water supplies.
“The main way drug residues enter water systems is by people taking medicines and then naturally pass- ing them through their bodies,” says Raanan Bloom, Ph.D., an environ- mental assessment expert at the FDA. “Many drugs are not completely absorbed or metabolized by the body and can enter the environment after passing through wastewater treatment plants.”
The FDA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency take the concerns of flushing certain medicines in the environment seri- ously. Still, there has been no sign of environmental effects caused by flushing recommended drugs.
Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Consumer Updates page is the source for this article with the full article and the latest updates on FDA regulated products available at http:// htm.
Rose Baran, PharmD, Special to Senior Times
Thomas J. Unger, ACSW Patricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN
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• Home Delivered Meals. For homebound seniors that are unable to pre- pare meals, can receive delicious meals at home. Special diets available. • Senior Center Activities including line dancing, card making, beading,
cards, bingo, and many others.
• Senior Meal Choice Dining. Restaurant-based senior dining program. • Chore Service provides minor home repair for seniors.
There are many more activities and opportunities to volunteer your time and talents! Just Call Barry County Commission on Aging for more information.
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