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QUESTION: I just have a few little changes that I need done to my Will and Durable Power of Attorney. Can
I just cross out what’s there and write in what I want?
ANSWER: I get this question a lot. The answer is no. Your change will most likely not be legal meaning that the change may not “change” anything. I know one thing for sure, it will cause a lot of problems. Let’s take your Will for example. Let’s say that you crossed something out in your Will and wrote a change above it. What will most likely happen is that the Will is going to end up before a judge to decide whether
the change you made was legal or not. Depending on what is at stake (i.e. land, money, or family heirlooms) it could be in Court for years; costing tens of thou- sands of dollars to litigate.
How about your Durable Power of Attorney? Let’s say you cross your son’s name out and write in your daughter’s
name because you want your daughter
to act for you. You then have a stroke
so you are unable to pay your utility bills, taxes, etc. Your daughter goes to the bank with your Durable Power of Attorney to access your bank accounts
to pay for your bills for you. Do you think the bank is going to accept a Durable Power of Attorney that has names crossed out and new ones written in? Probably not. So now your daughter cannot access your bank accounts to pay your bills. She will have to go to court to be appointed a conservator for you. This will take up a lot of her time and cost her thousands of dollars. The issue of wheth- er the change you made was legal or not hasn’t even been addressed yet.
My advice is to never make changes on a legal document yourself. Contact your attorney and he or she will draft an amendment to the document (called a “codicil” for your Will) and make the changes. Not only will the changes be legal, the document will be accepted when presented.
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Summer at an ARVC
Michigan Campground
By: Ali Gase, Board Adminitstrator - ARVC Michigan
Travelers looking for destinations and activities that will broaden their minds and imaginations, without emp- tying the pocket book, are invited to rediscover Michigan camping this sum- mer. According to Statista Inc. camping is one of the highest ranked outdoor activities in the United States.
The Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds of Michigan (ARVC Michigan) is reporting plenty of avail- ability – for tenters, RVers and cabin/ cottage-dwellers – available at private- ly-owned and operated campgrounds throughout both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. There are over a dozen ARVC Michigan member campgrounds reporting availability, including:
Alcona Canoe Rental – Glennie, 989-735-2973,
Ann’s Putman Lake RV Park and Campground Inc – Baldwin, 231-745-2621,
Big Cedar Campground – Germfask
906-586-6684, www.bigcedarcamp-
Bluegill Lake Family Camping Resort – Mecosta, 231-972-4455
Crystal Creek Christian Campground – Columbiaville, 810- 545-0159,
Crystal Lake Campground – Ludington/Scottville, 231-757-4510
Holiday Camping Resort - New Era, 231-861-5220, www.holidaycamping. com
Irons RV Park and Campground – Irons, 231-266-2070
Kalkaska RV Park & Campground – Kalkaska, 231-258-9863,
Matson’s Big Manistee River Campground – Manistee, 888-556- 2424,
Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping – Mackinaw City, 231-436-5584,
Michigan Oaks Camping Resort – Indian River, 231-238-8259, www.
River Country Campground - Evart, 231-734-3808, www.campandcanoe. com
Troll Landing Campground/Canoe Livery – West Branch, 989-345-7260
Whether it be a cabin/cottage or campsite, availability varies from prop- erty to property. This is not an all-in- clusive list. Availability is subject to change. Reservations are required. For more information call (989) 619-2608 or visit
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