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What to Do With
Dr. Tarek Elshaarawy, M.D.
has joined our team at Vascular Health Center. Please call 269-979-6310 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Elshaarawy.
CENTER provides state
of the art services by experienced vascular specialists, using cutting edge equipment to handle your most challenging vascular needs.
With more than 60 years of combined Vascular Surgical experience, let Vascular Health Center be your choice for excellent care.
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Mom’s House?
By: Kelly L. Feneley, Attorney
I frequently get questions from
loved ones asking what to do with Mom’s (or Dad’s or both) house now that Mom needs to move into a nurs- ing home. Whether you should sell the house requires careful consideration and depends on a couple of threshold issues that you should discuss with an attorney that routinely deals with these matters. Here are the basics to consider before putting up a for sale sign.
Getting Authorization to Act on Mom’s Behalf – Authorization to act
on Mom’s behalf can be obtained from several different sources. If Mom’s house is owned by a living trust, the named trustee should have the power to manage real property. If Mom has a valid Durable Power of Attorney (POA), the agent named typically has the power to sell real estate. The POA should be reviewed to ensure the agent has this power.
Although a photocopy of many POAs are sufficient, you should obtain the original in the event that it needs to be recorded with the County Register of Deeds.
If there is no POA, or if Mom is unwilling to sign one, or no longer has the “capacity” required to sign one, you may need to file a petition for conserva- torship in the Probate Court in the county where mom resides. A conservatorship
is an order of the Probate Court that appoints someone – or in some cases
a professional company – to manage
the financial and business affairs of the incapacitated person. The conservator- ship route is the least ideal because it is costly and can take several months to get through the Probate Court’s process.
Determining Whether or Not to
Sell Mom’s House – Once the source
of power to act is identified, you must determine whether the house needs to
be sold. The answer to this question is not as easy as you would think! If Mom needs to be eligible for Medicaid to help fund her nursing home stay and she does not have a spouse or dependent adult child living with her in her home, then Mom probably will have to sell her home as a requirement to receive Medicaid. However, if Mom has a spouse or an adult dependent child living in the home or if Mom has an “intent to return home,” Mom may not have to sell her home.
In conclusion, once you have the proper authority to act on Mom’s behalf, you are positioned to determine – with the assistance of an attorney, of course – if Mom’s house needs to be sold so that she may be eligible for Medicaid to help fund her nursing home stay.
Kelly L. Feneley is a partner with Feneley & Bennett Law Firm, PLC, located in Marshall. Ms. Feneley’s prac- tice areas include Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Law. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker. She can be reached at (269) 781-8460.
Home Safety
Assessments by CAPS
The Region 2 Area Agency on Aging located in Brooklyn provides home assessments for safety and accessibility for all seniors and adults with disabilities.
One fourth of Americans aged 65 or older fall each year, often resulting in injuries and limits on activities and inde- pendence. Half of these falls happen in the person’s own home. The good news is there are simple ways to greatly reduce the risk of falls and injuries so don’t wait for an accident to happen.
Adults who fear falling limit their activities and social engagements, which can result in physical decline, depression, isolation, and feelings of helplessness. Eliminating unsafe conditions and adding supportive features is important in reduc- ing fall risk. Sadly people stay in unsafe homes because they do not know that changes can or should be made. For those moving out of care facilities into commu- nity, it frequently happens that the person moves into their new home to find it is not safe or fully accessible but they did not know how to evaluate it in advance.
Home Safety Assessments by a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) will evaluate ways to make existing homes safer both inside and out and more accessible through chang- es such as additional task lighting, grab bars, placement of rugs and furniture, and other home modifications.
Upon completion, the report provid- ed includes suggested modifications. Understanding what needs to be done to a home to be safe is the first step in deci- sions about where to live and in finding assistance if needed. The Information and Referral staff can help you with resources to assist with any changes that may be needed.
For people with financial need in Lenawee and Jackson Counties, low-cost assessments are available.
To learn more or to schedule your assessment call (517) 592-1974 or 1-800- 335-7881 or visit them at 102 N Main Street in Brooklyn.
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Battle Creek hearing is proud to announce the addition of Hanna Klingaman, Au.D to our practice. She has come to us after completing her externship at Mid-Michigan Ear, Nose, and Throat. She has extensive experience in all your hearing care needs. Please call our office to schedule with her!
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