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Senior Times - June 2018
Joanna Stelloh Phelps, Special to Senior Times
Adult Day Care
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Hearing & Vision Services
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Legal Assistance
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Minor Home Repair
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Ramps for Accessibility
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Senior Fitness & Fun
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Community Care Options
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Respite for Caregivers
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Senior Transportation
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Forks Senior Center – Albion (517) 629-3842 Heritage Commons – Marshall (269) 558-6150 Kool Family Community Center – B.C. (269) 965-0000
Calhoun County Senior Services
315 W. Green St. Marshall, MI 49068 • 269-781-0846
Cooking for one or two people can be a real challenge in today’s society (thusly the need for this column!). Many of the packaging is made for families of six and we either buy
it and eat it for the week or end up throwing much of it away. Though the food manufactures are getting a little better with sizes of packages,
I am not sure if it’s because there is more of a demand for single or dual servings or they are making packages smaller while leaving the price the same and hoping we won’t notice
the cracker sleeve just got shorter.
I can’t say for sure, probably both. This month, I am sharing a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the food aisles with a little more ease for smaller portion cooking.
• Purchase smaller pans such as loaf
pans and glass casserole dishes. This gives you a chance to make smaller portions such as a meatloaf for example, to eat now and freeze one for later.
• When you buy a pound of ground beef or turkey, immediately divide the package in half, using one right away and labeling and dating the other and putting it in the freezer for another time.
• Or, brown and season the entire pound of ground beef or turkey. This way you can use half of the cooked meat right away for tacos or add to a jar of spaghetti sauce and label, date, and freeze the remaining for a future meal.
• When buying fast food (yes, even
I don’t cook every night!), think about what might be used for anoth- er meal. For example, I purchase a bucket of chicken with two mashed potatoes sides. The first night I
don’t do a thing except enjoy. I refrigerate the left-overs and the next day, I take the chicken off the bones and put into a bowl. Then add a small can of water chest-
nuts – chopped, two ribs of celery
– chopped, half a can of cream of chicken soup, 1/8 cup mayonnaise, one tablespoon fresh lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix togeth- er and put into a glass pie shell or small casserole dish. I top it with the remaining mashed potatoes and use either the left-over gravy or the remaining soup to spread on top. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 35-45 minutes. Let stand five min- utes before serving. See – you can make another meal from purchased fast food.
• Grapes come in pre-packaged bags but there is no way most single eaters can go through that much. It is okay to get a plastic bag in the produce section and take out just a small bunch that you need. It is also okay to go to the deli and ask for half pound of salads or just three slices of meat if that is all you can consume this week. I know some- times you get an annoyed look from the deli person but you are paying the bill so don’t purchase more than you can use.
• Purchase microwaveable pouches of rice in a variety of flavors. These make a fast side for a rotisserie chicken meal or Spanish rice can be put into a flour tortilla with some
of the seasoned taco meat, shredded lettuce and cheese for a quick meal.
• When buying spices, purchase the smallest size available. It usually still costs the same as a larger one but if you don’t use it up before it losses its potency, it is still worth it.
Peace of Mind
Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center
Providing support Monday-Friday, 7am-4:30pm so you can keep your loved one in their own home environment as long as possible.
• Care Conference meetings with Caregivers to discuss loved ones’ progress.
• Transportation, Nutritious Meal, and snacks.
• Variety of daily cognitive and physical activities, including music, art, and community out- ings.
• Full-time nurse providing medication management and medical monitoring. Our nurse works closely with your primary care physician.
• Full-time Certified Nurse Aides providing personal care including whirlpool baths, shaving and per- sonal care.
• Pre-arranged Overnight Respite
• Restorative Therapy available.
• Full-service beauty shop and podiatry services available.
• Serving adults 18 years and older Monday - Friday, 7am-4:30-pm
• Financial assistance available to those who qualify.
Marian E. Burch is a department of Calhoun County Medical Care Facility since 1983.
1150 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 (269) 962-1750
New “Life After Loss”
Support Group
This free 7-week grief support series is for adults mourning the death of a loved one on Monday’s from June 11 to July 23, 6:30-8pm at Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall. To register, call the bereavement coordi- nator at Oaklawn Hospice at
(269) 789-3939, extension 3118. They will provide location information.
This program is open to all adults, regardless of when a loss was experi- enced. Personal sharing is voluntary and individual needs will be respected.
675 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek, MI (269) 969-6244
Short Term Rehab | Spacious Private Rooms Specialized Alzheimer’s | Dementia Unit
Most Insurances Accepted Including Medicare & Medicaid
Excellent Care For An Independent Life

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