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I remember when I was first allowed by my parents to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve. It was a fun night at our house with neighbors over playing cards and watching TV. I remember playing a monopoly board game with my neighbor friend Jim Davis, because his parents were there too for the party. I remember eating
a lot that night... those little hot dogs in BBQ sauce, and especially ruffled potato chips and French onion “chip dip” (remember that stuff?), and lots of pop! Well after the sugar and junk food overload, I could barely stay awake.
But I perked up when there was
the big countdown on TV taking place with Guy Lombardo and his orchestra playing at the party in New York and the Times Square celebration. The big crystal ball dropped during the count- down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Happy New Year! The people on TV yelled and kissed and hugged and Guy Lombardo played “Old Lang Syne”... (The lyr- ics made absolutely no sense to me.) And so we all yelled “Happy New Year!” too and blew our noisemakers till all our wind was gone.
I thought... wow, this really is a big deal! A whole new beginning to a whole new chapter of life. I put on my coat and hat to go outside – and my mother was wondering, “What in the world is he doing?” But I wanted to see what was happening in the world
because this was such a big deal! I was expecting to see skyrockets, hear firecrackers, gun shots, yelling, and great happiness. But when I got to
my front yard all I could hear and see was silence. No wind, no outward excitement. Just a calm winter night like many I had seen before, with the beautiful new moon in the sky and the twinkling of stars across the horizon.
I was a greatly disappointed 10 year old. No excitement was there for me to see except for the stars in the sky. But 'The Star' was what it was all about for ancient travelers with great wisdom about a Savior of the world being born in the little town of Bethlehem. And for the Church even today, that star and that light of that one little child is what the January celebration of Epiphany is all about.
All I could see were the stars shin- ing on a cold January first. And sixty years later I know in my heart that the stars were exactly what I needed to see that night. Those stars I will never forget. The stars were beautiful and captivating. The light of Christ in my heart continues to touch me with beauty and is captivating as I see the light of people doing the right thing – caring, loving, praying, and reaching out with compassion.
My prayer for you in 2018 is that you will act intentionally to, “Let your light shine.” I’m gonna try. How about you?
Faithfully yours, Jim Gysel
Tate C. Goodwin, Director / Mgr.
Lighthouse Funeral &
Cremation Services, LLC
1276 Tate Trail, Union City, MI 49094
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It is a New Year, and time to make some resolutions for improved health. Little changes over time can make a big impact on our health.
I recently met an inspiring woman who is turning 104 in 2018. At age 95, she “retired” from volunteering at Bronson Battle Creek. She volun- teered twice a week for thirty years, after she retired at age 65 from work- ing in a store in downtown Battle Creek.
She says her secret to healthy living and longevity is eating wisely and walking one to two miles every day.
Now, she walks all the halls of NorthPointe Woods every day but when she was living in her house, she walked the neighborhood.
Staying active through volunteering and keeping physically active has kept her going.
Making little changes in your diet and activity level over a year’s time can make a big difference in your weight, strength, and energy level.
For a healthier life, get moving! In every issue of Senior Times, there is a list of locations for Senior Fitness and Fun held at 13 convenient sites around Calhoun County. Senior Fitness and Fun is a free weekly, one-hour health and fitness program funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage for
adults 60 years and older. A fun leader guides participants in chair exercises that focus on stretching, flexibility, balance, and building strength. Nurses are available at every session to answer health questions, take blood pressure, blood sugar, and pulse/oxy- gen levels, and make referrals to com- munity resources. Call Senior Health Partners at (269) 441-0948 for more information or www.seniorhealthpart-
The dilemma with arthritis and many common back and joint prob- lems is that it hurts to move; yet regu- lar exercise is the number one way to overcome and manage such pain.
Little changes like slowly add-
ing more fiber to your diet, eating breakfast, eating smaller portion sizes, choosing protein instead of simple sugars, and choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables could add up to improved health over time.
Change takes persistent effort. When you fail to exercise or make poor food choices, don’t let this stop you from forgiving yourself, and mak- ing the next day a new attempt to do better.
I am inspired by this 103 year-old to make sure I am walking every day, and staying active to keep back pain away. I encourage you to make small changes in your every day routine to live a healthier life in this New Year.
Helen Guzzo, MSW, is the Manager of Calhoun County Senior Services, which administers Senior Millage tax dollars. To learn more call (269) 781- 0846 or seniorservices.
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