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By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher, Senior Times
Keep in mind that getting out of the house can be fun too. Explore, take walks, go sledding, visit the zoo or park. Learn something from everywhere you go and mark it down in that scrapbook that you are making together, complete with several photos from your journey that day.
As the kids get older they might get involved in school activities. Try and make it when you can. Support them. What about taking them to a professional event in a field of their interest. Do they love the stage? Take them to a local play. If sports are more their thing, a
trip to a baseball game might be in order. Young history buffs might enjoy exploring a museum with you. Things that some children might find boring can be very exciting if it pertains to something that they love.
Lets not forget technology. My grand daughter is already fond of the cell phone that she can talk on Facetime to Dada with as well as the ipad that plays her favorite movies. Keep these activities
in your back pocket until you need them. Because older kids have grown up
with technology, many have developed a proficiency with it that they can share with you. Ask them to help you set up a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. It is
a great way to keep in touch with them once its done, especially if they live far away. Even playing video games can be a fun experience with the grand children.
One way to spend time with your grandchildren is to have them help you discover technology.
Have a plan, or be spontaneous. Either way, use your grandchildren’s visits to strengthen your bond and create wonderful memories.
As we look to our past it is always valuable to experience the present as well as to create hope for the future. Grand children are a way to do just that. With the birth of a new life comes renewed joy but also renewed purpose. And best of all... you’re adult children think you have all the answers again. Wink. Wink.
For me, I treasure watching my grand daughter grow and experience new things daily. I am thrilled to be a part of that journey. Even though there is a new-fangled gadget
for just about everything there is much that will always be the same. Most importantly, lots of love and giggles.
How can grand parents make the time they spend with the grand children more treasured? By being intentional with activities and flexible all at the same time. The beautiful truth is that as grand parents we know that most things will all work out, even if they get diaper rash, a bump on the noggin, get licked in the face by the dog, get downright filthy playing in the mud
or covered in paint. As long as the grand
children know they are safe with you they are more likely to try new things or explore new ways of using traditional materials.
Keep the kids from getting bored by just being creative. This could be a great learning experience for both of you and be lots of
fun at the same time. Get out the crayons, markers, coloring books, colored paper, paints, glittered glue, trinkets from around the house, or chalk for the driveway. Don’t forget about photos. Scrapbooking provides a lot of time for creating new memories while relishing old ones. Or find a large
jar to put memories in from every time
they visit. For now, our journal is on
my cell phone and includes almost daily photos. I love it!
Any game that requires reasoning skills is good for them and fun too.
What about dancing to silly songs, creating hand motions, or making up new ones.
The standbys of old such as blocks of
all kinds, puzzles, board games, and card games can add fun as well. It just has to be right for the age. Check the box for clues. I remember learning to play Kanasta, Hearts, Pinnocle, and more at my grand parents.
I really loved learning about strategy, and how to work with a partner to win.
Even chores can be made fun when done right. How about washing the car, and playing in the water for a bit of fun. Helping with planting the garden and watching it flourish and grow can help them to learn about the fruits of their labor so to speak.
Cooking is a great activity to do with your grandchildren. It’s an opportunity to learn and to pass down your favorite recipes.
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