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March, here we come and we’re marching into madness (big grin).
I'm using this a little tongue in cheek because typically March is a time
of weather change (although we did see quite a bit of beautiful weather in February) and for many caregivers that also means a time of change.
We will see changes in those we are providing care for; sleepless nights, behaviors changes, changes in appe- tites, and as it’s been said, “They just aren’t themselves.” As many of you hear me say often, I have no letters after my name so I really can’t medi- cally tell you why this is but I know for a fact, from life experience, this is true for many.
So what do we do about these changes in behavior?
First, be sure there aren’t any medical issues going on. Make a trip to the doctor, as there can be some simple explanations for the changes. And as we know there may be some not so simple explanations as well.
Second, make sure your actions are not causing any reactions (or behaviors). We all get a little spring fever, especially after we’ve had a wave of wonderful weather. So how does that make us feel? A little anxious, like we want to be on the move, we want to be outside, etc. The list can go on and on. I don’t know about you but I do know for me... sometimes I don’t know what I want and it can get irritating knowing how to “cure that itch” so imagine how your person might feel and it would be increased if they have a dementia type diagnosis.
I would suggest you get prepared by having activities ready. It can be any activity; music, games, getting started on gardening, painting, sewing, build- ing something, working with tools – anything that your person might enjoy. And might I suggest that you enjoy it too – there’s nothing wrong with having an activity that you can enjoy together.
Recharging your batteries allows you, the caregiver, to regain your energy and maintain your health so you can continue to provide the care that your person needs. Seek out ways to recharge today.
We can get a lot of joy out of working on a “project” with someone while let- ting other responsibilities go, which in turn can help to recharge ourselves. It’s something I talk about often – recharg- ing our batteries because family care- giving work is difficult. But you need that recharge and if you feel as if you can’t get away from your person (which I would argue this point with you until the cows come home!) then find a way to recharge while you’re with them.
Your good health is the most impor- tant gift you can give the person you are providing care to because if you don’t have your health, you’ll never
be able to provide care to them. And
I feel like a broken record because I write about this all the time but I watch this happen over and over again. I care about all you family caregivers out there – you are so very important to all of us – you matter – you are important. So March into Madness by taking the best care of you possible, it will pay off in the end!
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