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as long as your doctor doesn’t specify that a brand name drug is required.
In some cases, doctors will have full size samples they can pass along. Samples may be available for medications used every day like inhalers or blood pressure medications. If you need to start a medication that is new to you and does not have a generic currently available, ask your doctor to see if they have free samples. This can be especially helpful if you are trying a new medication. It is important that you record the samples you are taking on your medicine record and then share this information with your doctor and pharmacist.
One way to help save on your medications is to buy in larger quantities to save on the per tablet price. Your pharmacist is a good resource to help you look at price savings for your medications.
Many pharmacies have begun to offer discount programs to their patients who
do not have prescription drug insurance. Each program is a little different; some have discounts only on select generic medications. Others will be in a membership or club format that have a small enrollment fee but will offer more medications available at a discount. This might include both generic and brand name medications. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist if the pharmacy’s discount program could be of assistance in reducing your medication costs.
Many pharmaceutical companies have programs that provide their drugs at deep discounts or even free for people in need. If you have a prescription for a high cost drug, check out the company’s web site to see if they offer assistance.
You can also look up patient assistance programs on the website, which provides information on almost 6,000 programs. This website maintains
a database of companies categorized by the drugs they produce. You can search
this list and get an address, phone number, website, and other information about drug assistance programs.
Prescription assistance programs, or PAPs, enable people who can’t afford
to pay for their medications to get them for free or a reduced price. Typically, the programs are sponsored by prescription drug companies or your state.
To participate in the program, the individual must apply for and be approved to participate in the program. Your health conditions, financial situation, the cost
of the drugs, and whether you have other prescription drug coverage help determine whether you qualify for a prescription assistance program.
One last way that you might be able
to save on your medications is to take advantage of program called Medication Therapy Management, sometimes called a medication checkup. If you’re in a Medicare drug plan and take medications for different medical conditions, you may be eligible to get services, at no cost to you. You may want to contact your drug plan to see if you’re eligible for a Medication Therapy Management program. This program helps you and your doctor make sure that your medications are working to improve
your health.
A pharmacist or other health professional will give you a comprehensive review of all your medications and talk with you about:
• How to get the most benefit from the drugs you take.
• Any concerns you have, like medication costs and drug reactions.
• How best to take your medications. • Any questions or problems you have about your prescription and over the
counter medication.
You’ll get a written summary of this
discussion, including an action plan that recommends what you can do to make the
best use of your medications, with space for you to take notes or write down any follow-up questions. You’ll also get a personal medication list that will include all the medications you’re taking and why you take them. During the medication review the pharmacist may be able to help find ways to reduce your medication costs. It’s
a good idea to schedule your medication review before your yearly wellness visit, so you can talk to your doctor about your action plan and medication list. Bring your action plan and medication list with you
to your visit or anytime you talk with your doctors, pharmacists, and other health care providers.
Your local Walgreens pharmacist is always available to help you find ways to save on your medication costs.
Balance Rewards for healthy choicesTM
Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for healthy choicesTM program is just one tool to help you make healthy choices by rewarding you for tracking your blood pressure, exercise, weight, sleep and more.
Be well, stay well!

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