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Senior Times - March 2017
From Retirement
157 Chapel Hill Drive, (269) 963-0231,
• Rev. Chad Parmalee, Pastor
• Traditional Service 9am; Praise Service 11am • Barrier Free
• Nursery provided all morning
126 Capital Ave. NE, Battle Creek, MI 49017
• Fr. Simon Manjooran, Pastor; Fr. Robert Johansen, Assoc. Pastor • Mass Schedule: Sat 4:30pm; Sun 9am, 11:30am
If you’re homebound and would like the weekly bulletin mailed to you, please call the Parish Office at (269) 968-6645.
415 S. 28th Street, Battle Creek, MI 49015
• Adult Sunday School 9:15am
• Church Service 10:30am
• Children are released from the Service after children’s time
to Employment
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
The day is just around the corner, or maybe it still feels so very far away... Retirement. You’ve decided that you still want to work, but not necessarily full-time. And this time, you want to do what you want to do. Smart planning can help this transition to go smoothly. Maybe you will need to learn a new skill to pursue your retirement dream job. If so, why wait? Start your training while you’re still working or simply make arrangements to do so soon after- wards. The good news is that instead of fitting your life around your job, you can now look forward to a new job that allows you to pursue your interests. This can be a dream come true for a retiree.
The senior has more options than they might realize. Start developing your options based on what you enjoy doing and then complement that with your skill set and you’ll have a for- mula for a positive new career that you look forward to.
If you are not convinced of the path you want to take in retirement, a review of some common choices made by other seniors might kick your thinking into gear.
1. Become an Entrepreneur
Work as a Consultant – Consulting
becomes a common choice for indi- viduals with specialized experience or advanced degrees. In retirement, the consultant can choose to monitor how much often they bring their skills to the table for those that could benefit from their expertise.
Specialty areas that continue to be in demand include website development, programming, or even litigation. And because the employer does not need to pay benefits for the consultant they can demand a higher fee.
The flipside of consulting is that
is not as easy to manage the sporadic nature of work, especially when getting started. Learning to develop new clients while winding down with another is a skill that they will have to get good at. Starting a collective or co-op of servic- es with other seniors might be a good way to establish the growing consulting business.
Start a Retail Business – Many retirees opt to open their own retail business. Maybe you’ve always loved making things... boats, quilts, baking the most amazing desserts, and so much more. You can translate that joy of cre- ation into dollars in your pocket.
Or maybe it’s time to share the col- lections that you have painstakingly
built over the years. If you have a large collection of any kind, an attic full of dusty antiques, or boxes of books you no longer read, you may have the initial inventory needed for your own retail business.
A storefront location can help you to display your merchandise but that is not your only option. Those that are less mobile can get into to the fun as well by selling items online. It will require
a good camera and computer skills but it’s not too difficult to get started. You may need assistance with social media or even website development but have courage, there are other retired seniors that have those skills. There are lots of options but some common retail sites include eBay, Craigslist, and less for- mally Facebook.
Reach out to your area Chamber
of Commerce for assistance getting started or even the Small Business Administration for resources at https://
2. Work for Your Former Employer
If you enjoyed the work you did before retirement, consider working part-time for your former employer. Since employers hate to lose valuable employees, your old boss may jump at the chance to hire you back, even if you require a less intensive or more flex- ible schedule. This will allow you to renew contact with old coworkers and continue a job that you always enjoyed – but now according to your schedule and possibly less stress.
3. Seek Out Low-Stress, Part-Time Work
If you just want to stay active and in touch with other people, look for low-stress work with light responsibil- ity. Here are some of the more popular part-time jobs for retirees:
• Retail Positions. These jobs don’t
pay high salaries, but they do offer flexible schedules. Plus, they exist everywhere.
• Call Center Jobs. In a call center, employees spend most of their time sitting and talking on the phone, which can be great for seniors with low mobility. In fact, a number of companies allow customer service representatives to work from home.
• Teaching at your local school. Retirees who enjoy working with stu- dents might enjoy being a substitute teacher, teaching assistant or a tutor. Universities sometimes hire teaching assistants for a small hourly wage or a flat fee. Tutors, on the other hand, can be self-employed or work with a larger organization.
Senior Home Support
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