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     wife of Mika Roinila, both are admin- istrators and pastors at the Salvation Army here in Battle Creek. “We work together on just about everything,” Grace said. “If he’s in the building he’s in charge, if he’s gone then I am. If we’re both gone our staff knows what to do.”
Before Battle Creek, Grace and Mika lived in Quincy, Illinois and
she really enjoyed seeing the eagles. “There must be hundreds of them. They are so stately... even if they are vultures,” Grace told me. She was born in Nashua, New Hampshire to parents who were in the Salvation Army so she had the experience of living in many places, her education was on-line. “I was called to be an officer of the Salvation Army when
I was a young person, but the Lord said, “Just not yet,” Grace told me.
“I met Mika at a conference in New York. He was a soldier with the Army and I worked for them.” After Grace and Mika were a couple Grace felt
she was being called again to serve with the Salvation Army. “Now, it was my time... not when I was young. I learned that my experience growing up readied me to serve. I wouldn’t
have been as effective when I was younger.”
Did you know Quincy, Illinois
is the home to hundreds of Bald Eagles? I learned that piece of trivia from Grace Ro- inila. Grace is the
Grace Roinila
The Salvation Army of Battle Creek has many celebrations planned for the holiday period between November and December. They are always looking for volunteers. “Once people volunteer, they return the next year because they enjoy themselves so much,” Grace told me. You can find out more by calling the office at (269) 963-3650 and asking for Marilyn.
Grace explained they need to come
to the main entrance of the facility
on McKinley just off Capital Avenue N.E. Call the office at (269) 963-3650 to learn what to do to sign up for the seasonal assistance that includes the Thanksgiving Dinner on November 22, and the Thanksgiving food distri- bution on November 20. The Kettle Kickoff for the bell ringing around town begins November 10 and contin- ues through December 23. “The mon- ey we receive during the Red Kettle campaign funds all the programs we do throughout the year,” Grace said. “We will visit nursing homes and the V.A. Hospital December 3 to provide Christmas cheer and gifts,” Grace told me. The annual Christmas concert will happen on December 17, which kicks off the Christmas Distribution on December 17, 18, and 19 at the Salvation Army facility at 400 Capital Avenue N.E. Christmas gifts are col- lected from the Angel trees around the area and sorted according to age and displayed for families to choose for their children. Each child gets three gifts and they also get a book, or a game, or puzzle, and a gift card from Meijer. The child and a parent choose the presents. “We have carts we supply the families and large bags to carry out their gifts,” Grace said. “It’s so much fun to see the families make their decisions.” Last year Grace told me they served over 700 people and are looking forward to increasing that number this year.
The celebrations begin with the Christmas Parade on November
18. “We really enjoy the Christmas Parade,” Grace told me. “We hand out candy to the kids and our reward is all the smiles!” Even before the parade, families can sign up at the Salva-
tion Army for seasonal assistance.
In addition to their four children, eight grandchildren (almost nine),
and her service to the Salvation Army Grace likes to visit thrift shops. “There are some really nice and interesting shops in the area. “I’ve found my pur- pose. It’s a privilege to be a part of the Salvation Army in this community,” Grace said. “I’ve found good people in this community. And, I love the smell of cereal cooking!”
T. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell /
Volunteers are always welcome at the Salvation Army. Call (269) 963- 3650 and ask for Marilyn... she’ll find the right spot for you.

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