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BY ANNE CLARK Senior Health Pa
   rtners Program Manager
  do you do next.
The first step is to make an appoint-
There has been an incredible amount of research conducted regarding the benefits of a dementia diagnosis and movement. When most of us think of movement a standard response is, “I am always moving” but there is a difference in movement and exercise.
The first step is talking with your medical professional to make sure you are aware of any physical limitations there may be because whatever you start doing, you want success and the benefit of the movement. Then what? Calhoun County is blessed to be able to provide some solutions and opportunities to par- ticipate in some classes at no additional cost through a Senior Millage funded program.
ment with your primary care physician to discuss the changes you have seen. The reason you do this is because may- be it is not an issue with the brain but maybe it is dehydration, malnutrition, a change in medication – there are many different scenarios to investigate. Once the doctor determines what might be going on, you may need to see someone who specializes in what is going on.
Movement has so many benefits – we want to keep moving our body not just for the physical benefit but wholis- tically – for the body, mind, and spirit. Moving our bodies has multiple benefits such as improving your memory, build- ing strength, better balance, improved mood, better social skills and behaviors, improved sleep, and the list goes on.
Senior Health Partners has many different types of exercise opportuni- ties which were created not just for the exercise but also for health education and to reduce social isolation. We were created to be with others and not to be alone (remember being alone causes us to decline at a faster rate than those who are in community). Some of the classes are supervised by a nurse, others are not, and they are located
at various locations throughout the county. The goal is to assure you have an opportunity to participate no matter where you are at.
But then what – what can you do because remember this is a journey and can be a long journey so typically, we
What I have witnessed is when there is a diagnosis life seems to stop.
To set the stage, you believe there may be an issue with your memory or with the memo- ry of someone you are close to. There may or may not be a diagnosis so what
want to make it the best it can be. What is your plan, do you have a plan, do you have any idea of what to do next? There are so many aspects of what you can
Although I am not a clinician, I can
tell you that is the worst thing you can possibly do. Keeping someone moving and using not just their bodies but their brains have better outcomes for both the person diagnosed and the person who is supporting that person.
Benefits of Taking Care of Yourself
do and for our time together, we will discuss movement!
Senior Fitness & Fun!
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                      The Senior Fitness and Fun program is funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage. •
The next step is to get the informa- tion to find the location that best suits you and then start slow. No matter how you decide to start moving – you always want to start slow, no matter what some- one else may be doing. Listen to your body, if you are the caregiver watch for what might not be being said – watch for facial expressions and body move- ments, we might not communicate what is going on, but we may see what’s being felt. Comfortable clothes are a must and even more important are good supportive shoes. These are just the beginning steps!
Contact Senior Health Partners by calling (269) 441-0948; stop by our website at or through FaceBook at Senior Health Partners Calhoun County Michigan or by visit- ing our advertisement in Senior Times.
We look forward to moving with you!

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