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CEO of Kingdom Builders Worldwide
     Child Care. This partnership has not just resulted in a new childcare center; it has ignited a beacon of community unity and exemplified what we can achieve together.
The time has passed for singular heroism. As the American Rescue Plan funds dwindle, the call for unity cannot be overstated. No longer can we afford to work in isolation or allow territorial disputes to hinder our progress. It is time to embrace the diversity of our community and the strengths inherent in our differences.
Yet, our work is not done. We seek to catalyze a broader movement, trans- forming our former school building
into a community nexus for all required services. It calls for innovation and in- clusivity to build an environment where no voice is marginalized and every hand can contribute to the greater good.
In Battle Creek, we stand at a cross- roads where our collective decision will determine the trajectory of our city and county’s future. Launching our daycare center is more than an opening of doors to our children; it is an invitation to
our entire community to walk through
a door of collaborative opportunity.
The synergy we witnessed between Kingdom Builders and Jumpstart is a microcosm of what we, as a community, can accomplish.
Synergy is not merely about patching gaps – it’s about assembling a dream team where every member solves problems from their unique vantage point. At Kingdom Builders, we have witnessed the power of this approach firsthand. Our facility has become
As we endeavor to create this com- munal tapestry, let us weave togeth-
er the strengths and skills of all our citizens. Discrimination, exclusion, and indifference have no place in our collec- tive journey. Each person’s contribution is valued, and each weakness is an opportunity for collaboration.
Our city comprises diverse ele- ments – the Mayor, City Manager, local officials, nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and county government. Just as a symphony’s beauty lies in the har- mony of its different instruments, our strength lies in our combined efforts. I often tell my team, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far,
go together. If you want to go beyond, build a dream team.”
more than a daycare; it’s a hub for job
Let this editorial be a clarion call to all sectors of Battle Creek to unite. Let us engage with open hearts and minds, committing to a partnership that fosters growth, understanding, and a shared mission.
Together We Build: A Call for Unity in Battle Creek
In the heart of Michigan, a trans- formative endeav- or is underway, spearheaded by
the collaborative spirits of Kingdom Builders World- wide and Jumpstart
creation, education, and community services. It includes our senior program- ming, youth boxing, and even trucking logistics that provide essential transpor- tation services.
The road ahead is ripe with oppor- tunity, and it beckons us to join forces. Together, as a unified community, we are not just builders; we are Kingdom Builders. Let us rise to the occasion and create a legacy of unity and prosperity, echoing the sentiment that in strength, there is unity. In accordance, there is
an unequivocal promise of a brighter tomorrow.
 Kingdom Builders Worldwide is a local organization founded by
Dr. Tino Smith whose goal is to ensure his local community has access to valuable resources and information so that residents of Battle Creek can connect and grow together. They offer a variety of services and events including:
• Recreational facilities for young people and aging adults including fitness class- es, boxing lessons, and a chess club.
• Programming for those in need including a homeless shelter, hot meals, and a food pantry.
• Kingdom Carriers provides transportation to youth to go to school and aging adults.
• Kingdom Builders Café is open daily. (269) 282-1490 for specials.
• Kingdom Builders Driving School – Visit to learn more.

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