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  of a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund they have been made available across the state of Michigan, with additional programs started in near- by states. These devices work anywhere
a cell phone does, making it the perfect gift for the snowbird. To date, we have saved hundreds of thousands in unneces- sary medical costs. The T.E.C.H. program has been funded in part by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.
The Help Home program is a col- laboration with the Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch and the Calhoun County Sheriff. Individuals are voluntarily registered in this program. When a loved one goes missing, a quick call to 9-1-1 alerts law enforcement. Because of the efforts of our dispatch system and staff all patrol cars can access the information
directly from the computers in their vehicles. This is different from Smart 9-1-1, which only allows access to the dispatcher. This additional step outside of a personal return device is another way for law enforcement to identify a loved one who has wandered but also to notify responders of a potential person still in the home during a disaster, such as a fire. There is no cost to register. Download the form from the website, visit the Sheriff’s office in either Battle Creek or Marshall, or many other agencies that offer services for aging adults.
The Senior I.D. program gathers all
the data and collects it on a thumb drive for family members to take with them or
it can be sent directly to an app that can
be downloaded to their smart phone. In additional to location and medical informa- tion, it also includes video of the person talking, photos, and fingerprints. The app is managed by the caregiver.
The remaining T.E.C.H. devices each manage data that can be accessed by an emergency responder within five seconds
by simply using the camera on their
smart phone. The scan will identify the person, as well as give the responder an immediate contact with their emergency responder. Once the button on the phone is tapped a G.P.S. location is sent with turn-by-turn directions on how to get
to the loved one. The data on the phone might also include other medical informa- tion that is valuable when additional care is needed. After setting up a new device, the caregiver should download the app on their smart phone, which will allow them to manage their loved one’s data. If an emergency responders phone is not able to scan the QR Code on the back of the band they can call the 800 number found there. The operator will ask for the PIN and ID number, also located on the band. Products start as low as $20.
Miles for Memories has developed an emergency respite program to support the person living with dementia. If a caregiver experiences an emergency Miles for Memo- ries will support an emergency respite stay for up to three days or bring someone into the home to provide care. The program is designed to offer care until a more appropri- ate long-term care solution is available.
As always, Miles for Memories continues to be led by an all-volunteer leadership team. We would love to have you join us at any program. The more input we have the better we can continue to shape programs.
Miles for Memories offers a variety of events and fundraisers. Each of our fundrais- ers will also include some sort of movement. Movement is one of the most significant ac- tions that we can take to reduce the risk for dementia, but also other chronic conditions. Even if a diagnosis has occurred movement and lifestyle changes are valuable.
Donations are always welcome and help us to support programs for both the person living with dementia as well as family members or other caregivers. Donations can be made in memory of a loved one or just because of your gener- osity. In Memory Of signs line the stroll that we have each fall.
You can request that your dollars support a particular program or leave it up to the leadership committee to decide how your dollars will be allocated in
the upcoming year. Miles for Memories will gladly work with your family on a recurring donation, or a legacy commit- ment. Furthermore, sponsors for events are always needed. All dollars that come in locally support programs locally. All sponsors and donors are invited to the
annual Thank You Celebration to discover how dollars will be allocated in the upcoming year.
Miles for Memories could not do it with- out each volunteer and dollar of support. Call (269) 979-1412 or email memories@ milesformemories to schedule a program or presentation or let us know how we can help you.
       Miles for Memories is a fund at the Battle Creek Community Foundation. Donations can be sent to
Miles for Memories,
P.O. Box 2257,
Battle Creek, MI, 49016.

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