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Miles for Memories is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that began for the purpose of
helping to meet the needs of those impacted by dementia, to provide solutions, to reduce fears, and to support prevention-based research. We learned early on that movement was critical to reducing the risk of dementia, but also slowing the progression once identified. Further research supports that lifestyle changes have the possibility of reducing risk by 30% or more. Our first signature event was held September 7, 2013.
The Community Stroll Celebration continues to be held in September annually with a goal of raising awareness and dollars to create local programs. People of all ages are invited to participate in two hours of fun at
no charge but donations are always welcome. Programs developed always keep that in mind. The Community Stroll Celebration is also the kick off for the Marathon. For two months, participants are invited to walk just a
half mile every day. By doing so they will complete a full marathon when two months have passed by. Better yet, it can help you to establish a habit that can benefit you for a lifetime.
Sponsors create the opportunities for new program development. Volunteers create the opportunities for implementation. Join us a volunteer, a sponsor, or to participate in learning about programs.
If we do nothing, more than 11,500 will be affected by 2050. Join us and help to make a difference in Calhoun County.
 Vision statement: Creating solutions for those impacted by dementia in Calhoun County through movement, programming, and research.
 – National Philanthropy Day 2023 Awardee –
Visit us on FaceBook at Miles for Memories • YouTube Miles for Memories Michigan (269) 979-1412 •

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