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   to make this the best place
While we can each individually have a significant impact, it
is when many come together, that synergy shatters stagnation into amazing things. It is then, that the passion behind the synergy becomes contagious.
By helping others, we receive unimaginable gifts in return. That’s the true gift of volunteering. It’s a two-way street. It connects us to others, and we build a better community together because of it. More than that, volunteering is good
for your mind and body. It increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose, and can help you stay physically healthy.
Volunteering can also bring fun and fulfillment to your life.
Together with the Battle Creek Community Foundation, we are providing another avenue of information as we extend a hand to help up others that are a critical part of what makes our community great. Whether you donate time, talents, or treasures in 2023 this feature will give you an idea of organizations that need you.
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