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BY REBECCA FLEURY Battle Creek City Manager
     welcome back to everyone.
I hope everyone has a great year, and
I want to remind you about some great video series we create to help inform neighbors about the variety of city news and project updates to help you get connected with us:
• Mayor’s Minute – Catch up with
I want to remind all drivers to be alert for students and families walking and biking to and from school, and crossing guards who guide them. Please be alert for school buses, especially when you see their red lights, stop signs, and other features to indicate students are getting on or off.
Mayor Behnke each week, in the YouTube playlist by the same name. He shares news and information updates, as well as certificates and proclamations that celebrate the peo- ple and events in the city.
Speaking of buses, our Battle
Creek Transit team continues to look for drivers who can operate our large buses – we will even train you to earn your Commercial Driver’s License. This need for drivers has, unfortunately, changed bus service, combining some routes. Get the full details on that at or call (269) 966-3474 for information and help plan- ning your trip.
To apply, please visit battlcreekmi. gov/jobs and find more information under City Bus Driver.
• City Commission for Neighbors – Agenda Preview – Get the rundown of which items will appear on the City Commission’s next agenda in a conversational way. Stay current on upcoming actions by your elected officials.
• City Commission for Neighbors – Action Roundup – Once the meeting action has happened, find out how the commissioners voted on each item, and which items will move forward. Both of these video series are in our City Commission YouTube playlist.
As always, you can contact us at (269) 966-3311 and PublicInput@, and learn more at
We are hiring part-time and full-time driver positions. Wages for CDL drivers start at $20.61 per hour, with benefits in- cluding health insurance, and a company match on retirement savings accounts.
When it comes to construction, “thru traffic” means you want to drive through the blocked area to get some- where else. “Local traffic” is anyone whose destination is within the blocked area – you live there, you are visiting someone who does, or you are going to a business there.
September means our neigh- bors who are students, teachers, bus drivers, and other school staff have been back to school for several weeks already –
improve our city, and I hope this in- formation helps you navigate through some of our ongoing projects.
Buses and Barricades
As the construction season contin- ues, I want to share some information with you about what it means when you see the big orange and white barricades with signs that say, “closed to thru traffic,” or “local traffic only.”
We always appreciate your patience during the construction projects that
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