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  even existed. But when my parents found out... I’m pretty sure they thought I saved the world. I’d even say I was a little embarrassed by their pride, especially hearing them retell friends, family, or anybody else who was willing to listen about their little boy winning the award.
In those days a reel-to-reel projector was the dominant tool for distraction,
or as a “helper” with a lesson plan. An audio-visual-team consisting of stu- dents was selected. I got pretty good at loading, running, and trouble-shooting the projector. I don’t remember how the “team” was selected. I do remember Mrs. Williams pulling me aside and explaining that if there were any disagreements...
I was in charge. Which seemed a little weird because those other three fellas on the team ALL became doctors when we grew up. The four of us were pretty good friends all through junior high school.
So that’s a nice memory.
So I’ve shared my sixth grade honor with you in hopes that you might be so kind as to not judge me too harshly for bragging about something that recently happened. I’ve won another award. That makes TWO great honors in 50 years –
I think that’s pretty good! Before I tell you about this honor, I need to apologize to all the past and future awardees if I somehow manage to tarnish the award.
I even winced when a classmate asked a couple weeks after the award ceremony, which one of us kids won. Mrs. Williams – my homeroom teacher – looked at me with a smile. I could tell she wanted me to announce that it was me. But I couldn’t do it. So she did... “Rick DeRuiter won the Citizenship Award.” My classmate didn’t disagree with the news, but I could tell he kinda had hoped he was going
to win. I’ve figured over the years, that
I must have been absent the day of the voting. The class voted for the Citizenship Awardee, and I don’t have any memory
at all of casting my vote.
In this class of REALLY smart kids were three kids who were not so lucky when it came time to understand and apply the lessons being taught. All three
I have acquired several labeled trophies after receiving my latest honor. I have a spatula that hangs by my BBQ tools, I have a coffee mug, I have a Tervis tumbler, and I have TWO shirts. So not only have I won a Citizenship Award, I’m ALSO the World’s Greatest Grandpa! I must have been absent when they voted.
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When I was
in sixth grade (geez that’s 50 years ago) I won an honor. I was completely – and I’m being sincere
– I was completely unaware this award
Sixth grade was sort of a weird time for me. It was the first time that my school day was sectioned into six hours (And no recess?!). It was also the first time I’d have to travel the halls alone with big kids to attend class for specific courses. It took me some time to get comfortable. In hindsight, my sixth grade homeroom seemed to mostly be made up of kids who were REALLY smart. I was pretty smart, but not REALLY smart.
had been “held back” at least once, and were noticeably bigger than me. Once again Mrs. Williams pulled me aside and asked if I would be comfortable sitting with those three big boys in the back corner. It was my job to help them keep up with the lesson being taught, and to speak up for them when they struggled. I wouldn’t say the four of us became close friends after sixth grade, but over the next few years they would speak up for me more than once.
And the award goes to...
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